Kids Learning Applications


Kidzloop is a great way for parents to Plan, Capture and Share their kids memories with their loved ones.

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Kidzloop for Daycares

Kidzloop for day-cares, is a great way for teachers and caregivers to instantly share childrens precious moments and learning milestones with their parents on the go.

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Math Works!

Math Works! is an educational game that makes learning the basics of math fun. Problems are presented in simple multiple-choice formats that turns learning a difficult subject into a fun and amusing game.

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Paintbrush is easy and fun! Coloring in pictures can be enjoyed by all ages. Enjoy big pictures and easy-to-touch paint buckets.

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Animals - Games for Kids

An educational game for toddlers to learn the names of over 150 animals. This app lets your toddler play and learn at the same time. Every few questions your kid will win a small prize for extra encouragement.

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