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ArtSWEEP provides must-have creative fertilizer for your daily routine. Our app is currently in public beta with new features coming soon. We give credit to inspiring images and the artists who made them. Each day we deliver hundreds of fresh images found across millions of portfolio websites, covering digital design, fine art, fashion, photography, concept art, architecture, industrial design and many more.

Sit back and enjoy the relaxing art of skillfully killing time while evaluating amazing images produced by top talent around the world. It does not post on your social walls and there is no need for comments. Clean, no-nonsense, anonymous fun. Just swipe and enjoy constant inspiration. 
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The only mobile app that enables anyone to curate public images, into inspirational art.

artSWEEP is the visual creative fertilizer for your daily routine. Join-in, on the coolest art revolution since oil paint and discover millions of awesome public images on the web. Instantly evaluate artists, agencies and brands.

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