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The Patch app puts you in touch with local events, leading voices in your community, and news reported by our award-winning journalists.

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6 Pack Promise Plus

The 6 Pack Promise Plus builds on the original 6 Pack Promise (VOTED THE #1 AB TRAINING APP) to allow users a free basic workout program with tons of additional features and is an exciting interactive ab workout for your iPhone.

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Create : Whether you are a designer, woodworker or rocket scientist - now you can share your creations with the world.

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Journey - social network

Journey is a life changing social network to bring together those that are fighting physical, mental, & other challenges. Connect, post, share with others battling similar struggles from people all over the world or right next door.

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Inner Citadel

Inner Citadel - relax, feel good and reduce stress Inner Citadel is an app that shows you how to achieve a state of calm and helps you turn it into a habit.

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