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Gear Gallery is a cool way to share pictures with friends and win prizes. We are the fashion capital of the world wide web so we believe everything can be fashionable. We reward people with prizes (Money, gifts, and other luxuries) when they win a competition.

Why Gear Gallery is a cool app:

- Take pictures and join competitions.
- Join many of our selfie based competitions such as Best Shirt, Best Dress, Best Video Games, Best Comedy Selfie, Best Shoe, Best Hat.....
- If you get the most likes for a competition at the end date/time, you get paid the awarded sum through PayPal. 
- Do not panic if you do not have a paypal account, if you win we will send a link to claim your money and some assistance to sign up for paypal.
- If you are not in to competitions, you can meet knew people by sharing or liking photos on our discovery page.
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Gear Gallery
Discover new people

Discover new people and share your selfies with them.

We host numerous competitions such as Best Shirt, Best TV. You could win prizes if you win a competition such as money and items.

Take your favorite selfie and if you win, you get paid with paypal.
The app is available on the Apple App Store!
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