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Inner Citadel
Why Focused Relaxtion?
It reduces your stress levels

With focused relaxation, even for as little as 10 minutes on a regular basis you will reduce your stress levels. Imagine if at anytime you desire, you could 'reset' to a calm and more productive state of mind.

It's easy to fit into your day

Reset anywhere. In the car, bedtime or in the morning. No internet connection required!

Inner Citadel
It's time for you to change
Choose your vice

10 unique soundtracks designed to get you into a blissfully relaxed state where ever you are.

Track your sessions

Notice how you relax and increase your Nirvana Score. Improve over time.

Reduce your stress

Just 10 minutes per day will change you.

inner citadel
inner citadel
Inner Citadel
You can create a fortress of calm ...
A simple approach

Just tap play and relax.

You will feel great

regular focused relaxation will increase your well being.

Many other features

Tubo-charge your session and more!

Inner Citadel
Why it works?

Mindfulness is the intentional, accepting and non-judgmental focus of your attention on the emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment. It has been scientifically proven to decrease stress and increase well being.

Too often, people find themselves tired and burnt out. One of the best ways to manage and reduce stress is through daily focused relaxation.

inner citadel
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