Why can ’t I like exercise?!

It often feels like that doesn’t it? Exercise is a part of life that should be ... avoided!

Consider this: What if your dislike of exercise is ... all in your head? Let me explain:

Ever started a workout program and stopped after you achieved a goal? It ’s because your drive was ’external ’ and not ’internal ’.

An external goal may include something like lose 10lbs, run a 1/2 marathon or get a ’beach body’.

The problem is that these goals are short-term focused and so often when the goal ends … so does the exercise.

The key to you loving exercise is to find out your internal drive and magnify it!

Journey is your personal motivator on your iPhone and it will help you find your internal motivation and show YOU HOW to LOVE exercise!

By getting you to focus on the positive benefits that you felt during or after exercise, Journey will change your feelings about exercise.

Over time you will discover and strengthen your internal motivation and eventually you will love to exercise!

Start your now journey by installing the app!

Because it ’s important to love yourself.

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It's really simple ...

In order to love exercise you need to discover your own internal drive.
Set daily reminders
Thinking about exercise makes it metter to you.
Log the benefits
Remind yourself why it fells so good to exercise!
Help others
By encourage others your strengthen your own motivation.
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Why it Works!

Every Started a workout program and stopped after you achieved a gole? It's because your derive was 'external' and not 'internal'. Journey helps you discover your internal drive. internal drive is permanent and once you have it, you look forward to exercise! For examples: Instead of exercising to 'lose 10lb', you will be exercising because exercise gives you 'energy' or 'growth'.
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