Prevent Fire

An iPhone, Android app for Utility industries.

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How App Works

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Prevent Fire is a social application,helps you to raise your voice for fire safety.

If there is a building (apartment complex/mall/office) in your area that is not adhering to fire-safety measures, you can report these violations using Prevent Fire. Your report will go to the fire department and they will take necessary action.

Using this app, you can also:

  • Take a picture of the fire-safety violation committed in your building.
  • Browse through the reports of violations posted by other Prevent Fire users.

We'll email and update you when we receive a response from the fire department, and you will be able to follow up with their representative who will take the necessary action.

Application is working with three Languages: English, Hindi, Marathi

App UI & Concept

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Application is working with three Languages English, Hindi, Marathi

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