Repz for Charity

Get active and generate donations to help your favorite causes with the Repz for Charity app. Repz is a global fitness movement where users download an app and perform fitness challenges of all levels. And check this out, for each challenge you complete, our advertising sponsors donate money to different charities. The app is full of fitness challenges for every age and fitness level. 

Download and create a profile, then you are ready to start your Repz.
Step 1: How do you want do your RepZ?
RepZ has 3 different ways you can perform acts of fitness in 15-30 second challenges.SPIN CHALLENGE: Spin the wheel and when it stops, a random challenge comes up, ( pull ups, pushups, sit ups ect.) and you’re ready to start the challenge! Did you land on pushups? Arms still sore from yesterday’s workout? No worries! Spin again! We aren’t picky! We don’t care how you do it JUST GET MOVING!!!
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Join us on a global mission to shape our world by getting in shape! By downloading the free Repz for Charity app, you can complete fun fitness challenges to increase your repz count then share with and challenge friends on social media. The best part is that for ever challenge you complete in the app. money gets doneted to our group of charities by our sponsors.
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