Service Calibrate

A perfect tool for Retailers, Distributors & Manufacturers

Service Calibrate

Service Calibrate is a B2B solution.
We measure service time. Service Calibrate is a one stop shop for a Retailer, Vendor, Distributor, Manufacturer, employee of a company or a contractor. Service Calibrate gives you the ability to differentiate your companies’ service and /or service that is provided to your business. For the first time ever, Service is Quantifiable. The world is moving at light speed, whole industries have been overrun. Your business needs a way to ensure it is differentiating itself at the street level, and getting what it has been committed to for your hard earned purchases.
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Service Calibrate
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The Basic
We will revolutionize the service quantification business in the same way Nielsen has revolutionized the market share analysis business.
Service Calibrate Devices
For vendors, Distributors,Manufacturers
For vendors,
Distributors, Manufacturers
Well done is better than well said. Far too many retailers are unable to hold their vendors/employees accountable to any promised service levels. For the first time our customers will be able to actually measure the “Say-Do” ratio of the companies they spend their hard earned cash with.
What you can do with Service Calibrate?
service frequency
compare service levels
estimate projected delivery
provide service ratings
view promotions/deals
ultimate contact management
broadcast business status
request signature @ delivery
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The Application is available for the Apple iOS(iPad and iPhone) and Android smartphone.
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