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This app allows you to view, stream and share your digital media like no other cloud service. Start by uploading all your photos, music, videos, and documents to the Snapcrowd web service, then enjoy your digital media on the go!

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SnapCrowd is a popular cloud-sharing/hosting service for digital media that was introduced late last year. What makes SnapCrowd different though from say Dropbox or even Skydrive is the ability to upload content unaltered/resized, support for 300 different photo formats (including RAW), resume of uploads, streaming of video and music and the best part in our opinion--subusers for your account.

What that last part means of course is that you can have multiple users share and access the same account which is certainly unique feature for many. Finally, the service also has some of the best security around including SSL/TLS and HTTPS protocol layers for you privacy gurus.

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