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" MI tries to boost creativity of its talents in favor of you and your business "

Creativity always fosters in comfort and leisure. Therefore, the prime goal of Mindinventory is to create highly comfortable, conductive, and collaborative working environment through all possible measures and facilities.

In due course, we have heavily invested in the creation of basic amenities to advance infrastructural facilities for our human resources working in and off the premises.
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Physical Space Infrastructure

Physical Space Infrastructure

Physical comfort is our prime target in infrastructural development. Therefore, we have created same facilities in our all premises and floors within such as:
We have allocated ergonomic furniture to seat and tables to work on
We have allocated enough space to stand up and draw on boards
We have allocated enough space to arrange small meetings to big conferences.
We have allocated enough space to eat/dink and talk off the project topics.
We have allocated enough space to take breath and fresh air to inspire creativity.
We have allocated enough space according to needs of labs like Game labs, deigning labs, testing labs, research labs, etc.
We have allocated enough space for various offices for administration, finance, HR, support services, and marketing services according to their specifications.
We have allocated enough facilities for basic needs like toilets, baths, kitchen, eating, drinking, etc.
We have allocated enough equal facilities for lighting, air-conditioning, heating, etc. to meet climatic adversities of the country.

Virtual Space Infrastructure

Being an outsourcing company, Mindinventory is always working with offshore clients and very few onshore patrons and only form fortune companies. Therefore, our needs are greatly pointing to our virtual spaces developed to support our round-the-clock work. Thus, you will find our physical infrastructure and equipment always supporting virtual space creation and enhancing it.In due course, we have assured uninterrupted electric power supply, uninterrupted and high quality Internet connectivity, instant availability of support and maintenance teams to ensure uninterrupted work within our all premises and floors. For virtual space development, we have invested in:
Software for Networking

Software for Networking

We use VMware ESXI 5.1 and higher
We use Linux and Windows servers like Cent OS 6 and Ubuntu for Linux; while 2008 Server, 2012 Server and higher for Windows.
Software for Networking

Software for Networking

We use VMware ESXI 5.1 and higher
We use Linux and Windows servers like Cent OS 6 and Ubuntu for Linux; while 2008 Server, 2012 Server and higher for Windows.
Database Infrastructure

Database Infrastructure

Postgree SQL
QA Infrastructure

QA Infrastructure

We are devoted to offer high quality and testing as well as other quality assurance demands especial premise facilities, equipment, software, and tools as state-of-art infrastructure.
Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure

We use CISCO’s manageable switches L2 and L3 for network security
We use CAT6 for network cables
We use vLan for secured network traffic
We use Giga speed switched network of 100+ nodes and so forth for best performance.
Security Infrastructure

Security Infrastructure

We have fixed CCTV surveillance for better security of our equipment as well as you vital data within our premises and elsewhere, if installed.
We take regular backup of our data, our server, and other virtual software exchanges professional and personal data.
We use NagiOS to monitor servers and applications
We use Sub Versioning Network (SVN) for several people to work on the same data at the same time and offer data security or data lose prevention
We have special provisions for data recovery
We have Dedicated leased data circuit for Internet usage with fail-over ISDN link

IT Infrastructure

Hardware for Desktops

We use highly configured Intel i5 processor

Firewall Infrastructure

We use Sonic Wall as firewall with pre-installed Gateway anti-virus and other precautions.
We use highly secured hardware based CISCO PIX Firewall.

Desktop Infrastructure

Windows 7, 8, 8.1
Ubuntu 14.10
Mac OS X & Mac OS X Mavericks

Devices for Testing, QA, and Regular Work

All Android Devices

Communication Tools

MSN Messenger
Yahoo Messenger
Go ToMeeting
Team Viewer
Cisco WebX
We have Projector Based Conferencing using our modern PMS
We also have the state-of-the-art EPABX system and VOIP enabled services to meet modern needs of communication

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