Apple to Developers: New Apps Must Support iPhone X Super Retina Display From April

Apple has issued new set of instructions to all the iOS developers around the world. It has clearly notified the developers that...

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Apple has issued new set of instructions to all the iOS developers around the world. It has clearly notified the developers that from 1st April 2018 onwards all new iOS apps submitted to the App Store will require to support iPhone X Super Retina display.

In addition, the developers also must ensure that the new apps are developed on the iOS 11 SDK or the advanced versions, keeping in compliance with the edge-to-edge 5.8-inch OLED screen. And regarding the Smartwatches, it should be developed with watchOS 4 SDK or the latest version.

Apple’s new set of instructions to the developers is seen as a major drive to promote the Super Retina Display, which is said to be the future of mobile app development trend. The information was revealed by the company through an email sent out to all developers.

The support for Super Retina display of iPhone X and iOS apps developed with iOS 11 SDK would mean that the company is also promoting and enhancing advanced features such as ARKit, Siri and Corel ML etc.

In fact, all these new features were added on the launch of iOS 11 Operating System. But Apple has stated in the email that it is not compulsory for the iOS developers to include these latest features. They can continue building apps without the presence of Machine Learning code, Augmented Reality (AR) or implementation of Siri. All these are the latest development trends of Apple iOS apps.

Evidently, Apple is very particular and strict when it comes to app updates and laying of the guidelines. However, this time around the Tech Giant hasn’t up till now set any deadlines with respect to updating apps so that they can support the iPhone X natively.

The company has shown some leniency towards the developers as it does not want to enforce them to keenly abide by the rules of integrating the iPhone X features. It has only asked the developers to think about implementing the iOS 11 features but there is no compulsion at all.

Apple wants all its iOS developers to get updated with the latest and advanced tools, bringing them into practice while building apps. The company always believes in keeping its App Store comprehensively up-to date and this is a good move in this direction.

Apple also keeps a distinction of gap between the new apps and the existing ones. The iOS developers are quite aware of the fact that it refuses to accept the old versions after the proposed deadline of updating app gets over. And this is not the first time that the company is laying the set of rules for the app developers.

In the previous year, during the launch of iPhone 8, it evidently made it compulsory that all existing apps should be updated to support 64-bit and that no apps with 32-bit support be accepted on the App Store. Similarly, when iPhone 7 was making its debut, the company has enforced to comply with flat visual style.

The company has also informed that it will refuse to accept apps supporting the watchOS 1 SDK from 1st April. The news round the center is that Apple is all set to unveil three new models of iPhone having same features as iPhone X. However, there is no official confirmation from the company.

The iOS app developers have already started developing apps using the iOS 11 soon after its official release. The company is willing that developers should fully support its iPhone flagship.

Written by Mehul Rajput
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