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Android, one of the most popular mobile operating system has launched their latest OS version, Android 4.3, the Jelly Bean. The latest OS is available Nexus phones and tables. Read more about Next phones @ http://www.google.com/nexus/

Coming back to Android 4.3, the OS is built with tons of updates, trying to make the OS more Simple, more Beautiful and more Smarter.

Major Highlights of the latest OS are put below.

The Profile Feature
The feature will restrict the usage of the application as well as content consumption. The parent would be able to create a profile for their child to allow certain apps and content only. Each profile user would be able to set their own backgrounds, home screens, application, games and so on. So ultimately, single device would be used by multiple persons, all having their personalized settings.

Security Protection
Whenever you are downloading an app from Google Play store, you can always be sure for the security since the store automatically check each app for virus scan and security vulnerability. The OS is having multiple layer of security, which helps a device kept safe from virus and other security issues.

Wireless Display
Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 will support wireless display feautre which will help device connect to Miracast™ enabled TV. You can view your pictures, movies, videos and all on HDTV.

Bluetooth Ready
Nexus 4 and other chosen devices supports low-energy Bluetooth smart accessories. Bluetooth smart technologies are now found in fitness sensors, pedometers, thermometers and much more places.

View your favourite albums, images or other useful information when the devices is in idle mode or docked.

Faster and Smoother
The things are much faster and much smoother. The company is trying to optimize the operating system as much as possible to be fast, fluid and uniform.

Keyboard with gesture typing
The gesture typing within the keyboard will help you type much smarter and much faster. Glide your finger over the letter and lift after each word, they will automatically add a space for you.

OpenGL ES 3.0
The OpenGl ES 3.0 brings better graphic detail experience with the android smart phones and tablets. The feature would be enabled within the new games published in the play store.

The android 4.2 had certain issues which hopefully will be covered in the latest OS. As we get more feedback from our clients and user base, we will provide more information regarding the latest android operating system.

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