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Android Developers Shifting From Eclipse to Android Studio

Recently Google has released new version of Android Lollipop and made it compatible for wearable devices too. Now, Android platform has one...

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Recently Google has released new version of Android Lollipop and made it compatible for wearable devices too. Now, Android platform has one more tool in its arsenal to fight with its ultimate rival OS platforms including iOS, and it is Android Studio 1.0 as an integrated IDE for Android developers, just like Xcode of iOS.

No doubt, Eclipse was not tool that we can underestimate its potentials, but now ADT plug-in for Eclipse is no longer in active development Android developers need some advance features as well as functionality in the integrated form. Thus, Google has released Android Studio 1.0 as the first stable version of its own IDE for native Android application development.

Advantages of Android Studio 1.0
Against Eclipse + ADT and other tool combinations for Android development, Android Studio has several advantages:

  • Android Studio makes native Android app development faster using its out-of-box capabilities like:
  • First-run setup wizard to create conductive and collaborative development environment by various settings
  • Optimize emulator for robust testing
  • In-built code templates for beginners
  • Wizards to begin project with new template
  • Import facilities for Google code samples
  • Studio 1.0 is based on IntelliJ IDEA, which has out-of-box code editing capabilities including
  • Code completion
  • Refractoring
  • Code analysis
  • Studio 1.0 ahs flexible Gradle-based build system and it has build variants as well as multiple apk file generation capacities
  • It has rich layout editor where you can do theme editing with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Android Studio addresses various problems of app performance, usability, and compatibility through various tools like Lint for cache, version compatibility tools, ProGuard, app signing capacity tools, etc.
  • Studio 1.0 offering inbuilt Google Cloud support and capable to offer integration of various public and private cloud services through Cloud backend and endpoints
  • Android Studio 1.0 has internationalization string editing tools that let you manage string translation of apps along with UI design so Android app developers can see preview of Android layout to beat the fragmentation issues

Besides these, benefits Google has charted its updating path through different release channels like: Stable, Beta, Dev, and Canary versions.

Distinct Features of Studio 1.0
Android Studio 1.0 has some distinct features such as:

Project & File Structure:

  • Android Project View
  • New Project & Directory Structure
  • New File Creation

Android Build System:

  • Build system
  • Application ID for Package Identification

Debug & Performance:

  • AVD manager
  • Memory monitor
  • Lint inspector
  • Dynamic layout preview
  • Log messages

Installation & Update Tools:

  • Installation & setup wizard
  • Template & form factor support
  • App engine integration including cloud services
  • Update channels

Miscellaneous Tools:

    • Translation editor
    • Android APIs

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Written by Mehul Rajput
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