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Android M Vs. Android Lollipop – What’s the Difference?

Developers and users intently look up to Google’s Developer Conference this year wasn’t disappointed. This year’s Google’s I/O 2015 saw the announcement...

Written by Mehul Rajput · 1 min read >
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Developers and users intently look up to Google’s Developer Conference this year wasn’t disappointed. This year’s Google’s I/O 2015 saw the announcement of the Android M, the next version of Android. Slated to succeed the Android Lollipop, by far best OS put forward, Android M is expected put the bar higher. Let’s take a look at features that stand out for Android M against Android Lollipop.

1. Native Fingerprint Support
This was long due – with flagship phones sporting fingerprint sensors, developers were looking at native fingerprint support. With Android M, developers will have a much better system support. Users can make secure payments, login and unlock phones with simple but secure fingerprints. The inclusion of this support will make phones safer. The move seems to be inspired by the move of Samsung, which has offered fingerprint sensors on a number of their devices. With Samsung dominating the Android smart phone market, the move wasn’t entirely unfounded.

2. Android Pay
One of the new features, the Android M will introduce is the Android Pay. Much on the lines of what Apple has done with the iPhone 6, Android Pay will be preinstalled on Android M mobiles. It will be your virtual card to make payments online. You can register your actual card and once registered you can use Android pay virtual card instead of using your actual card that makes it much easy to pay and secure.

3. Improved battery life
One of the stagnant points that are discussed in every version of Android is the battery life. Google has always promised to improve the battery life with a more efficient OS, but the results have been lacking to date. With Android M, Google promises to improve the battery life significantly. For the first time, the company is offering new feature called Doze, that Google states has the potential to double the battery life.

4. Charging
Android M will allow phones to charge must faster. It adds great improvement and helps save much needed time – we will know just about how much time it reduces while charging soon.

5. Apps permission
Now with Android M, each app will have to request permission to use another app. Present versions request permission while installation and after that, they could use another app automatically without any notification.

6. Better browsing experience
Android M is also revamping its browser Chrome to improve the browsing experience. Now users will be able to insert web view directly to apps giving users full power without having to switch apps.

Get set for a newer experience with the Android M. Android M will also feature better volume controls, which mean that you can get access to volume keys quicker and the sound quality would be better. What more do you want to see from Android M? What do you think Google missed out on? Let us know.

Soon, Google will reveal more updates for Android M in its Google I/O conference. It may not disclose the whole product, but at least android app developers get some precious glimpses of Android M.

Written by Mehul Rajput
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