Android OS – Journey from Android 1.0 to Android 4.4 (Kitkat)

The smart phones and tablets are taking over the world and as per the study, 80% of the world is going to use smart phone at the end of 2014. The obvious question comes when we think for a smart phone is who is the king of the industry? iOS/ Android or Windows?

The answer before a year was very obvious, iOS with iPhone and iPad but the situation has changed dramatically and Android is taking over the market with constant OS updates as well lots of companies engaging their focus like SamSung, HTC, Sony and Micromax. One of the major reason for Android success is the device range that you are getting from low cost to high cost but the other reason is the OS updates and improvements to reach the performance level which iOS has set.

When Android beta 1.0 was launched in November 2007 and the commercial version in 2008, it was welcomes as a fortune turner and it has become that till now. Apple is no more the only one who is ruling the world but Android too. The Android team keep updating their OS to put their new version to keep updating the facilities as well as make sure that people are motivated to buy new phones.

The major benefits of so many version is the cost cutting! There are lots of devices coming with old android version with low cost, making it easy for the people to buy a smart phone who are not too much tech savvy. The most recent version of the Android OS is Android 4.4 Kitkat, officially launched on November 22, 2013. When I am writing this, 4.4.2 is even announced on 9 December with some security enhancements.

Some of the major attraction with Android 4.4 are:

~ Updated soothing interface

~ Performance Optimization for low RAM devices

~ Built in screen recording (major update)

~ Chrome based Web view controllers

~ Enhanced frameworks for UI transition

~ Wireless printing

Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Android_version_history

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Mehul Rajput

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