Apple’s App Store Improvements – Everything You Need to Know

The number of apps present in Apple App Store is constantly growing, already at very high values. Users of Apple’s mobile devices...

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The number of apps present in Apple App Store is constantly growing, already at very high values. Users of Apple’s mobile devices can use the App Store to browse for and find apps for pretty much anything they would need to ease their daily routines, or even ease some unconventional activities. Each app developer comes with their own ideas and business principles, but Apple has noticed some patterns that made the tech giant take action. It appeared that a lot of apps were lacking proper caretaking, not being update in over a year, while others would have unnecessarily long names just so they could cash in on an extra keyword or two. More often than not, an app having one of the problem would end up having the other one as well.

It’s cleaning time
What Apple did recently however, is meant to cleanse the App Store which was the primary victim of this type of negligence. Each time a developer would pull the name stunt or completely abandon their apps, Apple’s store would suffer and decrease in overall quality. Apple wants to give the App Store a new coat of paint, and return it to its glory days, so to speak.

Recently, the company started a process that would have the purpose of putting all the apps in the store under evaluation. They have in plan to shorten all app names to a maximum of 50 characters and remove apps that are were abandoned completely, while also providing a new set of App Store Review Guidelines that app developers must follow if they want their apps in the app store. This is a lengthy operation as unofficial studies point out that close to 8000 apps will be targeted by Apple’s sweep. This is a necessary process as about a quarter of the entirety of the App Store’s available apps are not updated or compatible with the latest version of iOS.

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The App Store integrity comes first
With this initiative, Apple is trying to improve the quality of the app store and upgrade user experience, but also make sure that all app developers are getting a chance to get noticed in the competitive market, by cutting down long app names that try to scheme their way to the top.

This can come as a wakeup call for many iOS app developers that didn’t think their spot on the App Store could be in danger. Apple started sending notifications towards app developers, letting them know that the cleaning process has begun. It is in app developer’s best interest to remain on the Apple App Store, as the Mac maker holding an 83% lead over the closest competitor which is Google’s Play Store. As a clear dominative force, Apple has is required to take the necessary precautions to maintain this lead.

The task is by no means easy though, as the company has to sort through more than 2 million apps currently present on the app market, and with a 25% share of those apps displaying the issues that are to be fixed, one can imagine that Apple has their work cut out for them.

Justice for all
While some might take this as bad news, if they know they are part of the problem, there is also a huge portion of app developers currently present on the App Store that can rejoice at the news, as this means their apps will gain an increased chance to be viewed and accessed, not being trapped any longer under the cluster of forgotten apps and long, space hogging app names.

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The hammer swings slowly
That being said, app developers that might have irregularities in their applications or just simply don’t believe their projects are up to par with these new Apple regulations, shouldn’t panic. Although Apple plans on eradicating the App store of problem causing apps, they will inform app developers through email first and not just execute any application that doesn’t instantly comply. What this means is that developers will have 30 days at their disposal to get the problems fixed and submit a new version to Apple for approval. If the fail to meet the deadline, their product will be removed from the store. Apple will also keep the app name as related to that particular user’s account, meaning that an
application with a cool and catchy name gets removed from the store, even temporarily, the name won’t become available for anyone to snatch.

In conclusion, it is a wise to stay in good terms with Apple and comply with their new regulations as an app developer, because not being part of their app store will be highly detrimental for business and the success of any given app, regardless if the developer in question is a newcomer or a veteran.

Written by Mehul Rajput
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