Apple IOS 7 – IOS 7 Features and Drawbacks

And here comes the latest apple opertating system……. IOS 7 beta version. Whenever there is any update from Apple, whether it is an operating ios7system, a new device or any other scoop, Apple always gets the biggest hype and mostly they get very positive response from the mass.

IOS 7 has been launched with beta version and lots of developers as well as normal IOS users have upgraded their phone OS. First of all, lets go with some of the major additions noted down in IOS 7.

a) Multitasking

The much talked feature about IOS 7 is multi tasking, to switch between the apps. The process is made smarter where it tracks your activity and make a feed ready for you at a time. If you mostly check your favorite app at 8 PM everyday, the IOS 7 feed will be ready with all updates at that time, waiting with all updates for that app.

b) Quick Access Control Center

The phone control has been made easy with swipe up gesture. You just need to swipe up from any screen to access the phone and doing different activities like air plan mode, wifi settings, adjust display brightness and other stuff.

c) Notification Center

A quick look notification center on screen to give all the updates about the emails, calles, application updates and so on. Today freature will make sure that you see all the updates of today’s notification in summarized manner.

d) The Camera

Here we go… The new layout including all shotting formats. Swipe to capture a picutre and in built filers, like Mono, Tonal, Noir and other… Apple would kill lots of photo apps which were booming because of this filters.


e) AirDrop

You can quickly share videos, photos and contact with friendsa and family. Just need to select the content and person to share your data with your dear ones, just one swipe.

f) iTunes Radio

And now apple would have monopoly with Radio too. They have broght their iTunes radio with best music streams. Fell in love with iTunes Radio and dance with the music.

Now coming to the intital feed back from the development community and users, here are some of the points that makes apple IOS 7 bit tricky to start with.

a) Skype Crash: The biggest stuff found so far is the skype is not working with IOS 7. There can be multiple such apps which are not working. So developers, the new work is waiting 🙂

b) Adaption: Lots of people are saying that IOS 7 has taken lots of inspiration from Windows 8 and Android latest devices.

c) App Issues: Lots of app reportedly lost their layout and not looking proper. It seems that all the companies and develoers may get their old projects back.

Final wordings….

MindInventory has already started working on multiple projects to upgrade applications to IOS 7 platforms. If you want to upgrade your application to IOS 7, please drop us an email at sales@mindinventory.com

Mehul Rajput

Mehul Rajput is a CEO and Co-founder of Mindinventory, a leading web and mobile app development company specialized in android and iOS app development. Delivering best solutions to its local and global clients it leads to better business all around.

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