Apple Watch Opens New Fronts for Mobile App Development Companies


Recently Apple has launched WatchKit website for sake of developer community and tech-savvy customers who are interested in Watch apps for wearable smart watches. In order to guide the watch apps developers Apple has issued some guidelines for coding or programming, human interface designing, templates, and other helpful resources to quick start the wearable application development.

Restrictions and Guidelines for Wearable App Development
In due course, Apple has included WatchKit and iOS 8.2 SDK in the Xcode 6.2 beta version. This way Apple has opened the door of unprecedented opportunities for iOS developers to jump into the new era of the wearable apps. At present, WatchKit won’t allow iOS developers to create an independent watch app, but an iPhone app will exchange info back and forth with watch app and complement its functionality. Due to size and form factors, watch apps will have limited interactions in brief and with simple interface. Despite such restrictions, many mobile app development companies are eager to sail in the sea of unknown water of wearable apps with an excitement.

Many experienced and seasonal iOS developers who have begun their mobile app developer career with the first iPhone SDK release, already know that this is a norm in Apple world that they release beta version of SDK first and then actual iOS device later on. Thus, we can expect that the mobile app development companies would able to create their independent smart watch apps in next year with full control over all native feature of iWatch.

Mobile app development companies are scrappy to leverage iWatch best features such as heart rate monitor, NFC capabilities, and many more in favor of their patrons and their various niches or industries. Many iOS developers think of custom gestures for users to interact with watch apps in unique and use case base ways. They want to deliver innovative ways for notifications and Glances.

However, at present Apple has created some standards for user interactions in watch apps and iOS developers have to follow them. For instance, watch apps will recognize limited set of behaviors like vertical swipes for scrolling current screen, horizontal swipes for displaying past and coming page or screen, left edge swipes to navigate back to parent interface controller, and taps to indicate selection or some interactions.

Opportunities lie down Ahead on the Road of Wearable App Development
Many optimistic mobile app development companies are waiting for the support of Apple for advance gestures including multi-touch gestures, like pinches and others available in smartphones. No doubt, at present, many operations are accomplishing with some other ways like many controls such as buttons, switches, etc. are operated by simply tapping on them. If you apply Force Touch interactions, you will get contextual menu in accordance to your current screen so you can function with an ease. Similarly, you can open a menu with multiple options and possible interactions as well as use Digital Crown enable fine scrolling are some bonus advantages for user interactions.

Since, watches are attach with body during entire period of day and night so enabling them with one-password apps or recognize biometric parameters may help in variety of use-cases such as for incentive offers, receipts, gate pass, social security numbers and many vital information containing application development are great opportunities to explore.

Mindinventory is one of the progressive iOS mobile app development company which are waiting further actions from the Apple to jump in to the bandwagon of wearable application development for third-party developers so they can server their prospective clients in righteous manner.

Mehul Rajput

Mehul Rajput

Mehul Rajput is a CEO and Co-founder of MindInventory, a leading web and mobile app development company specialized in android and iOS app development. Delivering best solutions to its local and global clients it leads to better business all around.
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