Paresh Solanki

Paresh Solanki is a Technical Head at Mindinventory. He started his career as PHP developer and have expertise in Node, Linux Administration, Angular, IONIC, React-Native, Laravel, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Meteor, ReactJS and many other JS frameworks. Currently having his hands on Go Language, Python, RoR and Flutter.


22 stories by Paresh Solanki

Why Choose Node.js For Real-Time Application Development

In this digital era when time’s value is growing constantly, developing apps that users can interact with in real-time...

Aug 28 · 3 min read >

Angular 10 is Available Now – Here are the Latest Features and Updates

On 24th June 2020, Angular 10 has been launched but this time, with the beta version. It’s a big...

Jul 31 · 3 min read >

Why Cloud-Native App is Considered the Future of Software Development?

Cloud-native means everything that is made and run in the cloud. Encourage your organization by making the cloud-native app...

Jun 4 · 5 min read >

10 Biggest Cloud Computing Challenges in 2020 for IT Service Providers

You may already have heard about the term ‘Cloud Computing’. Hence, put in brief, cloud computing implies preserving, accessing,...

Apr 24 · 6 min read >

Python vs. Node.JS: Which One is Best for Your Project?

You must decide to choose the right programming language when you are developing an app or building a project....

Mar 6 · 9 min read >

Top 14 Node.JS Frameworks: Which Will Rule in 2020?

One of the biggest challenges that web developers used to face before was the restriction of the JavaScript framework...

Dec 10 · 7 min read >

Top Node.js Development Trends for the Year 2020

The modern software development industry seems to be highly influenced by the JavaScript language and artificial intelligence in recent...

Nov 14 · 5 min read >

PHP or Node.js: Which is Better and Why?

The technology has been developing at a rate in the past decade like never before. The growth seems to...

Nov 5 · 4 min read >

Why and Why Not Go for Python Development?

When it comes to popular programming languages, Python is the first name that comes in the mind of most...

Aug 26 · 4 min read >

React Native Introduces Its Latest Version 0.60

After several months of dedication and hard work, recently, React Native, developed by Facebook, has declared the launch of...

Jul 8 · 3 min read >

Golang vs. Python: Which Programming Language will Suit your Business?

Choosing the most suitable programming language for your business is a diplomatic decision indeed. Prior to the commencement of...

Jun 21 · 4 min read >