Paresh Solanki

Paresh Solanki is a Technical Head at Mindinventory. He started his career as PHP developer and have expertise in Node, Linux Administration, Angular, IONIC, React-Native, Laravel, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Meteor, ReactJS and many other JS frameworks. Currently having his hands on Go Language, Python, RoR and Flutter.


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Golang Skeleton With Fully Managed Versions For Kick Start GoLang Project Development

The buzzing programing language in an IT Industry is Golang, which has been seen in the limelight due to...

Apr 12 · 2 min read >

10 Benefits of Laravel Development Services for Enterprises

Are you looking for a PHP web app built for your business requirements? Wondering which framework should be selected?...

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To Go or Not to: the Pros and Cons of Programming in GoLang

‘Google’ of modern times has transcended itself in being versatile and more than just a search engine. It has...

Mar 8 · 3 min read >

Decoding Why GoLang Stands Apart from the Other Languages

With the insurmountable proliferation in technology, the world is also moving to unearth some of the most ground-breaking discoveries....

Feb 22 · 4 min read >

10 Common Mistakes That Angular Developers Commit

While using the Angular JavaScript platform, developers often commit some mistakes. They get to know about using this platform,...

Feb 12 · 4 min read >

The Major Benefits of Choosing Meteor.js for Creating a Startup

Meteor or MeteorJS is one of the popular free and open source JavaScript web frameworks that are based on the isomorphic model. It is...

Jan 10 · 4 min read >

Why are Developers Planning to Drift Towards React Instead of Angular

Most of the web developers, would agree upon the fact that both Angular and React are the open-source front-end...

Nov 23 · 5 min read >

Google Released Angular 7: Let’s Get the New Features and Updates

It was the spring of 2018 when Google released the previous version of the front-end JavaScript framework Angular 6...

Oct 26 · 4 min read >

React Native Vs Ionic: The Battle of Two Cross-Platform App Development Frameworks

The mobile application market is surging up and according to the current statistics; the number of apps has already exceeded 8...

Sep 28 · 5 min read >