Vipul Hirani

Vipul Hirani (VIP) is a Technical Lead at Mindinventory. Expertise in AWS, Golang, Python, NodeJS, Laravel, ReactJs, AngularJS and Ionic. Along with this the other technical facts are he also works with many micro-services based architecture, Web Services expert, Database engineer, Linux & Mac Operator and technical advisor.

Vipul Hirani

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Angular 13 Released: Top New Features and Updates You Need to Know

Angular launched the all-new Angular 13 on November 3, 2021. Considering all the previous releases, we can say it...

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10 Best Practices to Follow for REST API Development

An API is a set of rules that determine how apps or devices communicate and connect with each other....

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Top 10 DevOps Tools You Should Know In 2022

DevOps is a method that integrates IT operations and software development. It allows companies to release new software and...

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IaaS vs PaaS vs SaaS: Picking the Best Cloud Computing Service Model

Cloud computing contains a sturdy computing strength and a great infrastructure that help organizations provide an exceptional client experience....

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Top Vue UI Component Libraries and Frameworks to Consider in 2022

We always have considered JavaScript a strong programming language. After all, it contains event-driven, goal-oriented, and dynamic features. And...

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What Are the Different Types of Cloud Computing?

The trend of cloud computing is constant in the IT industry. Generally, the term is used by IT businesses,...

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Best Practices for Node.js Security

Like any other programming language or framework, Node.js is susceptible to every type of web app exposure. Although the...

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Cloud Migration – Benefits, Risks and How to Avoid Them

You may find cloud technologies and their practical applications in several business areas. With every passing year, more and...

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The Role of DevOps in Mobile App Development

For the last few years, millions of people worldwide have been using mobile devices as the main source of...

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Top DevOps Trends and Future Scopes

DevOps has a bright and great future. The practical apps of DevOps are growing daily. Knowing the future of...

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Why Choose Node.js for Your Next Web App Development Project

Selecting the right web app development technology can be a tedious job. After all, many programming languages, frameworks, and...

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