BlackBerry® Smart Phone Enterprise launches Blackberry 10 with astonishing 70,000 Application that grooms the mobile computing world

There is no theory of secret of cup and saucer that a smartphone would be failure without a strong network of application. Two giants in Mobile universe – “Apple” and “Google” – each contain over 700,000 applications in their store accounts. Moreover the news report says Microsoft have surpassed their windows store over 40,000 applications. Smartphone application is gaining their application level of usage over the whole universe with creative and innovative applications that helps user with their touch of fingers to get their desire results.

So if raw numbers are any indication, Blackberry had a great start to it new smartphone release – Z10 – With 70,000 application available to blackberry store. The Question arise, It’s not how many apps are available to store, but whether they are of customer taste and preference. This the most indefinite question to blackberry back end.

Blackberry have most of the most astonishing applications over their store named skype, Amozon Kindle , Angry Bird and more to market deck. Big ones like Instagram, Netflix are in the development process says Executive “The Verge” – Just not long way from having at store for the downloadable products. Major Application named Facebook and Dropbox are also available, built by blackberry house and not by original companies. This shows that large players are keeping their dog eyes on blackberry market with “waiting game” attitude.

Coming with 70,000 applications at the start of launching is really significant. The Blackberry promising qualifying applications will make at least $10,000 at their launching. BlackBerrys has the history of popularity with their each launches to make it the most prominent over the smartphone world.

Blackberry smartphone era is dancing in the market with their latest applications and holding the competition with iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 8, at the same time offering the same name-brand applications that those competitors already have

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