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Does Third Party SDK Enables iPad Developers to Access Innovative Features of Pencil Stylus

Recently, I approached a news about the third party SDK for iPad. It was about Fifty Three, one of the leading creators...

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Recently, I approached a news about the third party SDK for iPad. It was about Fifty Three, one of the leading creators of the popular drawing applications.

No doubt, at Mindinventory, we have team for iPad app development and also had some Artistic/drawing related projects at our credits in our portfolio such as Art Studio, developed for Eugene Group as a B2B project.

The news were about the SDK developed Fifty Three, which has released an update for iPad app developers who wish to incorporate features from its Pencil stylus. We were highly interested because we are developing the same category of drawing apps and use of stylus is a common thing for us.

Attractive Features & Functionality

Based on that news I come to know that my iPad application development team, if use their SDK update, would be able to access to the pressure sensitivity data, which are vital for many advance operation of stylus.

Moreover, our iPad app programming team will act on palm rejection and they will able to pair a Pencil with an iPad over Bluetooth especially, when a user holds the tip down over a particular screen location..

When our iPad app development team had worked on it, they enable our drawing applications to access some important functions through stylus and they were Painting, Smudging and Erasing through pencil itself without jumping on its especial tools.

If you are artists and working on such apps on iPad, you probably understand the importance of these major drawing functions with Pencil during your work flow and how it makes life easy for an artist.

When our iPad application programming team has found that the Fifty Three like SDKs have made easy for them to modify any Pencil for new and innovative features freely. Thus, this new Pencil bandwagon will change the scenario of artistic or drawing apps for their loyal users.

We had experienced that with low budget, we could developed custom stylus of our own and got clues from other iPad app developers from the community to know how to be creative for our creative patrons for artistic purposes.

Let’s have One for You Too

We are more happy with such third party SDK for stylus and Pencil tools because we already had made easy for artists to create a birthday gift card or an invitation card for a special occasion through custom ways.

We had brought artists’ creativity at their fingers in our Art Studio iPad application, we have opened color bucket and Swatch Palettes on the finger tips of the artists in Art Studio, but now with Pencil and third party SDK, we are able to add more creative flavors for our artists on iPad.

If you don’t want to lag behind in this creativity race, you are welcome to have an iPad app for you in the Apple market place with your innovative ideas and our hard work.

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Written by Mehul Rajput
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