Google Announced The Integration of Android Pay with Mobile Banking Apps

Google announces that now onwards, for mobile payments, its users do not need to use its official app, Android Pay. This technology...

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Google announces that now onwards, for mobile payments, its users do not need to use its official app, Android Pay. This technology giant has made possible to integrate this feature with mobile banking apps helpful for users to make payment just by a tap of a button.

At present, Google has partnered with a few banks only including Bank of America, Discover, Bank of New Zealand, USAA, and mBank. It is striving to facilitate more number of users’ benefits this technology by integrating more numbers of banks in the near future. It has added Android pay feature in their app. It allows users to add their debit and credit cards to Android Pay and can use the option whenever they require. With this latest built-in capability, it enables to persuade people to maximize use of Android Pay and make it reachable to everybody.

As the banking app is different for each bank, the integration also varies somewhat, but the key focus is simplifying to add cards to Android pay using the banking app itself. It attracts more users to utilize Android Pay once they found it in their bank apps. In order to battle its major rival Apple, this becomes a key focus for Google to stay ahead in competition.

Know all about how Integration of Mobile Banking App with Android Pay Works

  • Once you add cards in your bank’s app, you can use the option of Android Pay. It makes possible to pay at checkout at all the stores that supports NFC enable terminals. Moreover, you can also use it in other supported apps in order to make shopping or checkout on the mobile, web, as similarly as Apple Pay. It also gives you a notification after each of your transactions, immediately. Google also mentioned that in your banking app, the android pay option will also work, even if you have not installed the Android Pay apps in your smart phone.
  • It also allows users to make choice in using their bank cards that include, select the default payment methods, using the bank apps, deactivate cards, etc. It depends on the functionality offer by your bank app. For instance, Bank of America will not allow deleting a Chase Card from its app.
  • By the time, people use their Smartphone for different purposes; it now becomes your digital wallet also. With this new techno-driven facility offer by Google, you don’t need to take your wallet with you for shopping. Android Pay enables to add debit card, credit card, gift cards and loyalty and allows you to make shopping in apps, online or stores.

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Android Pay Integration with Mobile Banking Apps – The Most Efficient and Secure Way to Make Payment

  • It utilize NFC (near field communication) to transmit information of your card to transfer funds to the seller. It is a type of contact-less payment methods already utilized in several countries with advanced authentication.
  • The key benefit of this feature is that you don’t need to provide all your card information every time when you make shopping, either on chrome or other app. You just need to select the Android Pay at check out. It helps in saving your valuable time.
  • Moreover, use of Android pay is very safe. When you use this option at any store, it uses a virtual account number to utilize your account information instead of using your actual debit or credit card number. Thus, your card particulars stay completely safe and secure.
  • In addition, in case, if you lost your phone, with the help of Android Device Manager, you can immediately lock it from anywhere. You can also secure it using a new password or also remove your personal data. Thus, it becomes absolutely secure, convenient and efficient way to make payment.

Even though, Google has collaborated with a few banks only at present, it has started efforts to integrate more banks to include Android Pay. Hence, if you are an android phone user, you will have assurance to gain the benefits of this advanced payment method.

Android Pay emerges new opportunities in empowering mobile payments for countries ahead towards digitalization. With integrating more banks to facilitate this feature, it becomes also an opportunity for Android app developers to incorporate Android Pay API in their new app. Moreover, merchants can accept payment using the contactless-enabled terminal in their shop. Thus, in the nearby future, Android Pay will make revolution to build an era of mobile payment that benefits every android smart phone users.


Android Pay Integration with mobile banking apps has offered new opportunities for android users to simplify their complex payment methods in a more secure way. Google has also announced that it also integrates more banks to facilitate its millions of users to enhance the use of mobile payments. This newly added feature helps mobile app developers to gain the advantage of the technology to incorporate it in the new app in order to increase its usability and efficiency. It also helps merchants to offer their customers an extra provision with this simple and efficient payment mode.

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