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Hire iPad App Developers at Mindinventory to Meet the Challenges of Construction Industry

Since the beginning, iPad App Developers at Mindinventory try to equip various enterprise with latest technological advancements and infusing best practices. The...

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Since the beginning, iPad App Developers at Mindinventory try to equip various enterprise with latest technological advancements and infusing best practices.

The fight for betterment is going on and here is a saga of some successes of Mindinventory to meet mobile challenges head-on.

Our modern businesses are going at new level with introduction of mobile applications and would touch new high if wearable devices resume fully on commercial bases. By the way, let me introduce you with some real life contributions of iPad App Developers at Mindinventory in various industrial categories.

iPad App Developers Help Construction Industry
If you closely look at the construction site, various equipments and material arrives daily such as steel, cement, concrete, sand, plumbing materials, electrical materials, furnitures, materials of interior designing, etc.

unfortunately, site supervisor won’t have perfect ideas that where to place them and when they would utilize. This creates havoc and delays for suppliers as well as site workers as they don’t know its perfect where about.

Help for Construction Site Supervisors
Therefore, mindinventory has evolved an iOS app that can work on iPhone as well as iPad and use QR code scanning techniques using camera. However, its main implementation is on iPad. Thus, now suppliers and site supervisors have relaxed time to manage their supplies and their placements.

When any material arrives at construction job site, site supervisor scans its QR code and find out that when this material will use and where to place, i.e., on third floor or in warehouse for longer period.

This iPad application is able to update the inventories on the main computer of super admin. Thus, entire team of construction company have knowledge about the material and schedules of its usage.

Help for Construction Site Material Suppliers
Same the way. This application also updates the data on the supplier side and they have receipts of successful delivery immediately in their management app.

Moreover, iPad App Developers at Mindinventory have created a separate mobile application for suppliers which can communicates with the engineers of construction company and take direct hints along with technical drawings and schedules that when and where to supply materials in what quantities.

This way supplier company creates QR code stickers and stick them their supplying materials.

Help for Construction Site Workers
On construction site, you will find various kinds of workers ranging from skilled labors to unskilled workers working on daily wages.

Now, our iPad app developer team has extended its helping hands to manage the weekly or daily record and account of those workers using this iPad app for construction industry. This application would record their work noted by the workers themselves as well as approved by supervisors in-charge.

The main database of construction company would have all details of work and their due payments as well as their work and payment history so any future issue can tackle undisputed.

Help for Construction Site Engineers
As we have mentioned above that this iPad is integrated with engineering software like AutoCAD or Revit like AutoDesk tools.

Thus, when a schedule is created for a particular site it automatically updates the rest of apps on supervisors, suppliers, and other relevant engineers such as HAVAC and Electric as well as Architects if involved.

Are you planning to develop your own ipad application or thinking to hire ipad app developer? Please contact us now at sales@mindinventory.com and get the free consultation for your project.

Written by Mehul Rajput
Mehul Rajput is a CEO and Co-founder of MindInventory, a leading web and mobile app development company specialized in android and iOS app development. Delivering best solutions to its local and global clients it leads to better business all around. Profile

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