How Mobile App Changes School Education

We are all busy. Busy with our work, busy with our lives and busy with us. Yet, imagine the joy of seeing your toddler learning a new word. Imagine the joy of seeing your kid speaking their first word. Imagine knowing what’s happening in your baby‘s life even when they are far away from you in school.

Let’s change the way we see education
A mobile app changes the way you look at school and school education. From enabling the teacher to document important periods of your toddler’s education to sending across photos and videos that show your toddler’s progress, there is a lot mobile apps can do. School education does not need to be restricted to blackboards and chalks alone – mobile apps can stimulate the child’s creativity and lessen their burden. School students do not need to carry their load of books to school any more – you can have everything stored in a mobile app. You don’t need a parent teacher meeting to know what’s going on in your child’s life nor do you need to wait for the teacher to call you. You do not need to take a break from your hectic work life. You can know all about your child’s progress daily, even with photos and videos.

Understanding the student’s needs
A child is restless. With a world full of new things to discover, it really isn’t that easy to sit in a four walled room for hours listening to their teacher. They need to experiment, discover and in the process, learn new things. Class participation increases with the use of educational mobile apps as children can connect more.

If you are an iOS user, you would know that Apple now has the iTunes U, an educational platform that lets teachers design courses for free. The iOS 7 has been specifically designed to aid education. You child could even log into an online mobile app to complete their homework – the perfect way to engage them and save paper.

Well, the possibilities are endless. It’s just the education system that has to change.

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Mehul Rajput

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