iBeacon Development brings GPS in Indoors for In-Store Commerce


We know beacons have proximity sensors and they count the location of client devices using Bluetooth like technologies by triangulation methods (trigonometric). In one sense, it brings GPS in the confined areas where reach of satellite or location precisions are not possible with satellite.

This ultimately offers the iBeacon developers to create highly personal location sensitive network within small stores or malls to large confinements like museums, railway stations, airports, stadium, and big halls for events, etc. today we will restrict up to the retail stores for our iBeacon development related issues.

Most Prevalent Use Cases for Beacons
At present, retailers are using iBeacon for following purposes:

  • To greet their visitors when they enter in store
  • To send push notifications based on their location or proximity of the product
  • To offer various marketing incentives personal ways
  • To do payment without standing in queue

Therefore, it is obvious that when an iBeacon development company produces an app for your store, the team will essentially include the above features and functionality in their app. Now question is that if you are going to offer something valuable and outstanding in your iBeacon development for your patrons, what you should do.

How do you leverage “GPS in Indoor” to revolutionize retail experiences

If you want to place the business of your client somewhat ahead in the competitions, your iBeacon team should have knowledge of following things, which are ultimately need attentions of development team to bring advancements in retail experiences for the end users of the app.

Enable App to Collect and Analyze Data of Customer Behaviors in the Store
In order to do this, iBeacon developers should have enable app to do:

  • Record the hits
  • Its precise location (micro-locations) in store
  • Time and date of hits

Enable App to Engage Your Customers in Store
Once you have contextual information of your visitor in store, you can enable your apps to:

  • Send only useful and relevant messages through automatic or manual push notification methods in real-time
  • Consider individual app preferences and behaviors in customization of beacon-triggered messages
  • Track feedback/responses of those messages in order to improve the further actions through app

Enable App to Assist Sales Associates in Store
In order to do so, iBeacon developers have to enable app to incorporate device-to-device BLE services so customers can reach out to sales associate using app itself when the customers need them disparately.
Moreover, we can empower sales associates to

  • encompass purchase history
  • get locations
  • get social preferences of customers using their social media data such as birthday, anniversary, etc. in your business advantages
  • give access to the customer information such as their items in their wishlist and let them to associate with social media data like pins on Pinterest

Enable App to Offer Quick and Contactless Payment Methods in Store
Offer all possible regional/local or international payment methods sing mobile payment, credit/debit card scanning payment, net banking, etc.

Enable App to Run Marketing Programs In Store
It is important to offer various marketing programs using iBeacon and its contextual relevancy. Therefore, iBeacon team has to enable app to offer:

  • Personalized deals
  • Personalized alerts
  • Personalized coupons, gifts, discounts, point based rewards, etc

Enable App to Synchronize E-Commerce with Brick-And-Mortar Store
This function needs some advanced requirements and needs specific designing and programming from the iBeacon development team because you have to sync online store with brick-and-mortar store’s beacon system. Therefore, iBeacon developers can offer the latest feature like:

  • Reserve-in-store
  • Click-to-collect

I personally think that such advancements in iBeacon development only comes with experiences and skills in this niche development and only few companies can do so.
Are you looking to develop your application which uses iBeacon technology to highlight and sell your product? Contact Us now with your requirement and we will come up with best and competitive solution.

Mehul Rajput

Mehul Rajput

Mehul Rajput is a CEO and Co-founder of MindInventory, a leading web and mobile app development company specialized in android and iOS app development. Delivering best solutions to its local and global clients it leads to better business all around.
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