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iOS 8 Will Make Platform More Open for iOS developers

At WWDC, Apple has revealed many new iOS 8 features, but it didn’t opened up all secrete features those it is testing...

Written by Mehul Rajput · 2 min read >
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At WWDC, Apple has revealed many new iOS 8 features, but it didn’t opened up all secrete features those it is testing with this beta release. So let’s check some of them in brief with the help of social media like Twitter, where many iOS 8 app developers who are testing the beta version, leaked some secretes.

Greater Customization Abilities
Among those iOS 8 app developers, Hamza Sood is pioneer to use Twitter. According to his tweets, we can assume that Apple is going to give more power of customization of iOS 8 in the hands of iOS 8 app developers. Based on his images on Twitter, we can say that there are internal setting for customizing Control Center.

In this image, we can see obvious room for customization through setting buttons for Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Personal Hotspot, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb (Privacy settings), and Portrait Orientation Lock.

Along with these,some shortcut buttons like: Flash Light, SBCCTimerShortcut, SBCCCalcualtorShortcut, SBCCCameraShortcut, and Record Screen toggle buttons reveals more room for shortcut setting than ever before.

Moreover, Sood also revealed some hidden code that indirectly prove the testing of system wide LinkedIn integration, offline dictation, a fingerprint scanner and many more features. However, introduction of third-party widgets like Keyboards clearly indicates the intentions of Apple to open up iOS platform more for iOS 8 app developers. Thus, it wants to have its supremacy against the Android like opensource intact.

Intact Security Features
No doubt, Apple is opening up its iOS platform gradually to the iOS 8 app developers, but never on the cost of the security of its users anyway and anyhow. For instance, it has introduced third-party widgets like keyboards, UI display controls like colors, text colors, text fonts, text size, and many more. However, it has placed an intermediary system, which is constantly monitoring actions and activities and offer enough tools to control authentication of those widgets.

Additional Apps
Apart from these customizing abilities, Apple has introduced some easy to use and useful new apps such as standalone version of iTunes Radio along with a Buy Button that is visible on the Control Center when listening to iTunes Radio allowing you to buy audios straight forward from the app. It has offered TextEdit and Preview features for third-party apps in order to access Siri.

Good News for Weather Lovers
Apple has removed Yahoo! From its meteorological data needs, instead it has allowed the Weather Channel (TWC) directly. Thus, iOS 8 app developers have more room to include nine-day weather forecasts in their bespoken apps and can include the weather summary at the bottom of the app. This one is quite encouraging news for weather lovers to plan their trips and business plans, in advance.

Some Miscellaneous Features
Inclusion of photo inserting abilities in the Notes app makes life easy for iOS 8 app developers. Same the way capacities to hide images from the Photo app may open some interesting ensues for iOS 8 app developers. No doubt, Map features are in improved conditions it also allows indoor mapping through M7 processors and iPhone motion sensors for CoreLocation API. This feature offers many new applications for big Academy venues, Airports, and event managements with some new tools.

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Written by Mehul Rajput
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