iPhone Application Development with Monetization in Mind


I am not talking about the iPhone application development for the businesses, which need apps for their own purposes to meet their bespoken needs. I am targeting folks who wish to make some fortunes in the iTunes store using latest iPhone application development technologies and marketing strategies. Let’s see how to make money through iPhone apps.

Mobile app is a new craze in the market and majority of businesses are keen to have mobile presence, just like a web presence craze before a decade. Native and Hybrid app development are rocking in web and software development niches.

No doubt, the obvious runner is iOS platform in terms of ROI and adventurist nature of its affluent user-base. Tablets are few, but iPhone is beating the market in numbers of apps in app store economy. Therefore, many iPhone application development companies are eyeing on the new high of orders in next financial years.

Technologies and tools are improving to encourage entrepreneurs to jump into the bandwagon of new generation of iPhone application development in the app store. There are businesses, which own their own apps to support their businesses so they never think of monetization of their apps, but entrepreneurs who wish to have some fortunes in the App store are thinking of various models of monetization in their iPhone application development.

If you are one the those entrepreneurs and have a good iPhone application development company like Mindinventory at your side, you can take bold steps to put your creative ideas in the market with solid and attractive reality. If you have spend good deal of money and your project is on large scale, you can expect a paid model of app store and decide a price for your app.

Unfortunately, paid apps attract low downloading rate than that of free apps, as human nature is always greedy and prefer free first without much thoughts in mind. Thus, our iPhone application development team always advice their patrons to go for free price apps and implement indirect income source models through that free apps. Let’s discuss various ways to monetize in the Apple store through free iPhone apps created by high quality iPhone application development. Let’s check some models.

Freemium Model or In-App Purchase
In this model iPhone app development team create two version of app. A lite version with limited exemplary features and functionality with a link to purchase full version of app. The second version is full version of app that has everything intended to give in that particular app, but with a price. This way marketers win the trust & hearts of the users offering free trial for a limited period or for forever with limited features.

Therefore, top 20 apps in app store have this model implemented. In order to offer in-app purchase, iPhone application development team has to lock features in the app or give extra download of updates when full version has purchased. Of course, you have to pay 30% share of revenue to the Apple for in-app purchase services.

Mobile Ads Model
This the most favorite monetization option for most of the entrepreneurs, as you need not to indulge in much technicality and leave some money on the table for the App store. There are various types of mobile Ads prevailing in the market and your iPhone application development team may suggest you and may create your app accordingly if you discuss with them before jumping in to the iPhone application development process.

For instance, banners Ad is occupying your top or bottom real estate on the screens of the devices. Thus, your iPhone application development team has to find out iAd or other options and their occupation areas in advance. Thus, they can give your end-users the best user experiences leaving those Banner Ad spaces.

If you have a game idea with highly engaging experiences, iPhone application development team can insert mobile Ads at the transition points such as at the time your end-user win a new level or going to a new turn in the game, the interstitial Ads will appear just like a TV ads during an interval in an episode. I think Flurry is an ideal model. There are other Ads models such as Rewards Ads, Offer Walls, etc. to win the attentions of the users to click on the Ads.

Mehul Rajput

Mehul Rajput

Mehul Rajput is a CEO and Co-founder of MindInventory, a leading web and mobile app development company specialized in android and iOS app development. Delivering best solutions to its local and global clients it leads to better business all around.
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