JavaScript goes native for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone apps – The Effects


When is the last time that you’ve heard from NativeScript? If it’s been a while, it’s because they’ve been busy with something. Something that developers would love to know more about.

With a single code base, NativeScript are developing multiplatform native mobile apps which are due to be launched in late April.

What does this mean?
With the Windows Universal strategy and the share code programs, the JavaScript and TypeScript are being used to develop iOS, Android, and Windows Phone apps. This will open a new window for app developers who can work for development of the native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone even without the knowledge of the custom languages but only with the web skills.

The features
According to experts, the JavaScript engines for the iOS, Android, and Windows can now control the native UI layer as it is no more HTML-rendered. The developers can use the CSS and ECMAScript 5 in place of the native platforms. In fact the Node.js server-side JavaScript platform performs almost the similar function as that of the JavaScript engine which is used to power the mobile apps.

Featuring a prepackaged JavaScript virtual machine, app developers can get the full access to the native platform API, through NativeScript. These native JavaScript virtual machines provided by iOS, Android and Windows for JavaScriptCore, V8 and Chakra respectively, will be executed by the NativeScript. By exposing all of the underlying native iOS, Android, and Windows APIs, the JavaScript proxy provided by the NativeScript helps to give the entire control for the JavaScript engine and thus control the native device capabilities.

At the time of application development, JavaScript and Typescript uses the cross-platform native UI. This provides a markup language which can get parsed into platform-specific UI widgets. Simply put, with the help of the JavaScript, when an app developer adds a button to the new app, it can automatically use the correct native button UI control from iOS, Android, as well as Windows.

NativeScript makes it different from the rest of the mobile development technologies by using JavaScript which enable the building of native mobile. Unlike any other hybrid app, NativeScript is not dependent on the Web UI layer or the browser to render the app. Premium UI tools and platform tooling from Telerik will help NativeScript bring out this technological advancement.

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Mehul Rajput

Mehul Rajput

Mehul Rajput is a CEO and Co-founder of MindInventory, a leading web and mobile app development company specialized in android and iOS app development. Delivering best solutions to its local and global clients it leads to better business all around.
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