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Let’s Share Some Success Secrets on Apple Store with iOS Developers

Amongst the millions of iOS app in Apple store, securing a definite success for your iOS application is not impossible, but at...

Written by Mehul Rajput · 2 min read >
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Amongst the millions of iOS app in Apple store, securing a definite success for your iOS application is not impossible, but at least daunting tasks for modern iOS app developers and iOS app development companies. If we care some crucial aspects from the beginning of the development, we might have least chances of a big failure. In this post, I would like to share these simple, often heard, and easy to implement things for iOS development community.

Unfortunately, on our planet everyman and his/her dog has an app idea since the Apple has released iPhone SDK. Therefore, many of iOS app developers have hard time to sort out client with a tangible idea. However, when client approaches us, we don’t know how she got inspiration for the iOS app development.

If any iOS developer think that, we should respect the client’s money and jump into the iOS app development without running further research in the market. If client fails at her idea, it’s her fault. We should only consider that whether project is technically possible or not.

Client’s Success Is Developer’s Success
No doubt, logically this seems practical approach, but in long run that may harm at least developer’s portfolio, particularly when your portfolio visitors find that your creation is a failure in the App store. You won’t have any chance to explain that it is not your responsibility because each client looks at the successful apps in the portfolio. The higher the success, more chances you have to have good projects.

Therefore, I would like to advice you that before jumping in to the development check first that how and where app idea comes. If you or your client have seen some cool features in a successful iOS app in the App store and making them a pivot of your idea, you are likely heading towards some failure. As, App store visitors may have many other reasons to buy or reject you app at first place.

For instance, an iPhone game programmer think that the iPhone user will play her game for longer and go ahead with multiple levels, it may prove insane assumption because iPhone users mostly use game play while they are on the go or have little bit relaxations to play a short and sweet game. Thus, incorporating quick, new yet engaging gameplay idea may work well

Think Features in Contexts
As discussed before, many of us tempting to create an app based on some cool features we have seen in the apps of our relevant idea or our niche. It is good to give excellent and latest features in our app, but we should have perfect clues that they are useful in reality to our customers who are downloading app for sake of their own interests and purposes. They never meant to use those cool features only.

Therefore, think features and functionality of your iOS app in the contexts of the users. Fortunately, we have many advance tools and techniques to know the real requirements of our users, just before creating our app. Here I am talking about the surveys in the market prior to iOS app development and user experience guerilla tests at the beginning and during the iPhone app development or iPad app development processes.

There are many surveying software and helpful agencies working hard in the market to make somewhat accurate surveys on behalf of you through their professional surveying staff and infrastructure like Survey Monkey.

Finally, the Price
Yes, it is true if you have not perfect pricing policies and strategies of marketing, you would have chances to meet some dreadful fate in App store. For instance, if your app has higher downloading chances with coverage of broad spectrum of people keeping pricing in cents is okay instead, in dollars. However, business specific app with lowest price may draw you in loss in long run, because businessmen know that what a cup of tea or coffee cost, against the app features you are offering for them so always bargaining more there.

Written by Mehul Rajput
Mehul Rajput is a CEO and Co-founder of MindInventory, a leading web and mobile app development company specialized in android and iOS app development. Delivering best solutions to its local and global clients it leads to better business all around. Profile