Make Sure Your Apps Function on iOS 11 – Just Follow the Vital Guidelines


Your iPhone or iPad is undoubtedly a great asset and it’s a healthy habit to keep upgrading it at regular intervals to enhance its longevity. However, once you have updated your iPhone to iOS 10.3, you might come across a message that reads- ‘You are required to further update it with latest versions of iOS.’

For all of those who are using iOS 10.3, there is some very important news out there. Apple has scheduled to plan the launch of iOS 11, within a couple of months (precisely in September). And if you have already made up your mind to upgrade it to iOS 11, then you have to act on some of the apps; particularly the important ones.

To illustrate this point further and just to keep you informed, you may have to bid goodbye to your 32-bit apps. In fact, Apple kept on alerting its users to upgrade because it planned to include 64 bit app after June 1, 2015. According to a current estimate, there are approximately around 187,000 32-bit apps on the App Store and in the forthcoming September, they might face some real issues related to apps.

But your first job in hand is to find out the apps which will be affected. It can be any app such as the game or any other that happens to hamper the efficiency of your iPhone. Now if you are using these apps on day to day basis and at the same time also willing to update to iOS 11, then you can opt for either of the twin approaches.

  • Firstly, you can upgrade your iPhone or substitute those apps with others
  • You can buy a new iPhone with iOS 11 installed in it

However, it is vital to note that not all models of iPhones will be able to update. For instance, the iPhone 5 and 5C will not support the new version.

Now, you might think that you will have to check out each of the apps and find out whether they are productive for the next level. But you don’t have to get involved in that painstaking task. Let’s find out why. It is because the iOS 10.3 version is efficient enough to inform you about all those apps that are going to be affected. However, you won’t get any information on the apps that you have already uninstalled for availing more space.

Now before we can get down to the main discussion on how you can make your apps work on iOS 11 with much assurance, you need to take a couple of crucial steps. First is to necessarily update the current apps and check out their upgraded status. Just open the App Store and tap Update.

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Second in case if the automatic downloading option in the Settings is disabled, you can simply follow a tutorial just to ensure that don’t fail to update an app on the iPhone.

Just wait a minute! Do you really want to upgrade your iPhone to 64-bit for all those apps which you use once in a blue moon? Think about it seriously because updating will not consume much time and it is rather easy procedure.

So, if you want your apps to function on the new iOS appropriately and properly without any inconvenience, then the following guidelines will help you in this regard:

1. Checking the Available List

Go to your iPhone’s setting and tap on the General and thereafter choose the About option. If you perceive no arrow on the right side of the Applications, then relax as none of your apps require urgent attention. However, you cannot take this for granted that they will have no problems in the new version iOS 11. On the other hand, if you find an arrow then just tap it.

2. Getting Through the Upgrades

After tapping on the arrow, a list of apps will appear which needs an immediate action. So now your task is to divide the list in two categories; first where the updates are available and second where it isn’t available. Now sort out the issue.
For those affected apps which have their updates already, you are only required to tap its name and then go to the store. On visiting the store, you will come across an Update Option. Just download it. However, please ensure if the problem with the app still persists.

3. Look for the New Versions

If in case you have fallen into the second category where there are no updates available then or if you find that the app isn’t properly functioning even after upgrading it, check for the update as a separate app. Find the developer’s name in the app store or try to search something that resembles with the name of your app.

4. Get in Touch with the Developer

If you cannot find anything, the best possible option is to get in touch with the developer through the website and enquire him whether he is planning to launch an updated version of the app in the near future.

5. Have Patience Don’t Get Hopeless

When all resorts of getting updates for your favorite app are lost, which means you got a negative reply from the developer and the app is not available in the store, it’s time to change your ways. Well, you have to search for an app that fulfills the same priorities as the earlier one.

And most importantly you need to have patience because there is still a couple of month’s time for iOS 11 to be launched. You never know you might get an upgraded version of the app. So, don’t lose hope so early.

6. Get the Optimum Substitute for that App

If you do not get an upgraded version of the app, then the best possible step is to turn to your App Store which has an extensive assortment of apps to choose from. Just spend time to find the optimum replacement and then simply download it.

You have to find those apps with the help of relevant keywords. For example, if it is an Online Learning based App”, then you can search with the keywords like ‘Online Learning’ or simply ‘Best Education Apps.’ You may not get the exact features in the new app, but it is sure that it will solve your purpose to a large extent. However, there are a few expectations as this won’t work with most of the Game Apps.

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It is good to remain updated with the latest technology and apps and so with iOS 11 launching in next two months time, be prepared with upgraded apps. You obviously don’t want to lose your desired application which has rather become a necessity. Remember that if you are not getting the updated version, then you can change it similar looking apps which offers almost the similar features.

Written by Mehul Rajput

Mehul Rajput is the CEO & Director of MindInventory. With a visionary mindset, he harnesses his techno-commercial skills and extensive industry experience to empower cross-functional teams. Under his exceptional leadership, the team consistently delivers cutting-edge digital solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of global clients. His commitment to operational excellence has positioned the company as a leader in the field of Digital Transformation, driving innovation and success in every endeavor.