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Mindinventory Opens Door for Contextual Marketing

We are advancing in technologies day-by-day. New inventions at technology front is not new thing for us but how it influences our lives, and is offering the best user experiences, along with usability that matters more for us.

Unfortunately, foresee step of Apple by unveiling iBeacons technologies in iOS devices, remaining unnoticed yet in many big businesses. For instance, if we imagine that our super big malls are not changing in physical and structural senses, but equipped with advanced technologies may have altogether different buying experiences.

Contextual User Experiences in Next Five Years
Let’s imagine that Amanda (our imagine customer) entering in such mall and heading towards a grocery store sections. As soon as she steps in the mall, her iPhone begins to show her welcome message and display guiding map of the mall. Thus, she need not to ask anyone or look at the walls for physical map or signage.

When she stop at the fruit stall and think of purchasing something, she may have a list of items that suit her taste and health due to interactions with her fitness app loaded in her iPhone. Now, she would have obvious recommendations from the store’s sale personals because mall management have alerted sales man regarding her choices and the best recommendations in advance.

Now, she scan the QR code on the packing of apples and pay directly using her bank account or PayPal account in local currency. She immediately will receive the receipt and sales person will handle that packing.

Secrete Behind Contextual User Experiences
Well, now come at technical details of such personalize marketing experiences. In fact, that mall would have iBeacons like technologies enabled. Physical beacons of iBeacons is corresponding with the iOS and other mobile devices in background without seeking any permissions from the users as soon as she enters in the mall.

Role of Mindinventory
Mindinventory is front-runner for such highly advanced marketing and advertising technology app development. However, iBeacon like technologies are not new in the market. For instance, since long we are using proximity technology equipment and software using Wi-Fi like arsenals. No doubt, security lapse are big concern with such technologies and prohibiting us to go ahead.

Fortunately, with iBeacon, Apple has ended the security related issues using highly authentication favoring Bluetooth based technologies in iOS devices. Latest Bluetooth 4.0 and higher versions, which are low energy consumption powered offers excellent opportunities for not only retailers, but big open space management too.

Expand Your Horizons
Yes, Mindinventory offers impeccable iBeacon app programming and designing for your businesses to expand your horizons by offering awesome user experiences at least investment. There are unimaginative opportunities ahead in every sort of business. For instance, for retails, malls, museums, historical monuments, conferences, big shows, seminars, tours and traveling industries, etc. have great opportunities to use custom iBeacon apps for various purposes such as:

• With our iBeacon apps you will see that when a customer or visitors/users approaches your premise gate with her e-ticket, gate will automatically open without any delay or need of security or checking staff.
• Our iBeacon apps would offer indoor maps or navigation.
• Our apps also broadcast personal messages to your customers or visitors regarding to your products or services based on either their choices or history if they have been before.
• Your visitors will receive info regarding the store or table they approaching.
• You can offer personalized offers for each products they touches or stand in front of due to Bluetooth sensors
• Your messages would change with the location changes of your visitors.
• You can make luggage and cargo tracking with our iBeacon apps
• You can accept digital payments of the products when visitors enjoying further shopping and would like to manage their budgets.
• You can offer personalized and contextual podcast or broadcast of the info in your museum/sale premise for each visitors.
• You can deliver bespoken messages for each participants of your conferences.
• You can track of the behaviors of your visitors in a huge premise or open space and use them for marketing purposes or advertising purposes along with managing security aspects.
• You can do excellent inventory/asset management.
• You can treat your loyal customers differently than new visitors as soon as they arrives in premise located with our iBeacon apps.

No doubt, the application areas for our iBeacon application development are infinitive and sky is only limit. What we need is some of your valuable moments spending with us on our virtual meeting.

Are you looking to develop your application which uses iBeacon technology to highlight and sell your product? Drop us an email sales@mindinventory.com now with your requirement and we will come up with best and competitive solution.

Mehul Rajput

Mehul Rajput is a CEO and Co-founder of Mindinventory, a leading web and mobile app development company specialized in android and iOS app development. Delivering best solutions to its local and global clients it leads to better business all around.

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