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Opportunities for Smart User Experiences for iOS 8 App Development

Recently apple has released its new iOS version in its series iOS 8. In the era of Steve Jobs, people were eagerly...

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Recently apple has released its new iOS version in its series iOS 8. In the era of Steve Jobs, people were eagerly waiting new release of iOS with some excitements for new features and functionality.

Unfortunately, that era has finished and in iOS 8, according to the critics, many features and functionality have copied from Android OS, either from earlier versions or latest ones.

Apple Is Distinct

No doubt, Apple has lost power of absolute innovations, but not lost its uniqueness in user experiences offerings.

In fact, Apple has brought the superiority of user experiences over tech inventions. Therefore, the each move at Apple has crafted well in sense of better usability, user experiences, and amalgamate of superior technologies.

Apple has made technologies the slave of the user experiences demands of the market. Fortunately, it has kept the same in the new iOS 8 so let’s see how it has done in our further discussions.

Suggestive Typing

In latest release of iOS 8, Apple has added a little bar of suggestions on the top portion of the keyboard that giving suggestions while you are typing.

No doubt, Android had done same thing very early in its Android 1.5 version. Now, question is that what difference between them is.

If you look at closely, Android is just blindly doing pairs of words in suggestions.

Whereas Apple has employed a high-tech algorithm to offer intelligent suggestions in contextual manner keeping the history and preferences of the users or owner of the iOS device.

Therefore, iOS app development team has enough room to improve the user experiences using strategies made by Apple.

Permissions for 3rd Party Keyboards

It is true that Apple was not allowing use of any third-party keyboards in any of its iOS version in place of its system keyboard, until the latest iOS 8.

Eventually, Apple has released its grips and allowed Swype, a most popular 3rd party keyboard with excellent performances in iOS 8.

Moreover, Swiftkey and Fleksy also try to get their legs in iOS either through app-to-app basis or through some special API access.

By the way, the difference in Apples permissions and Android is that Apple is quite strict with 3rd party apps on security issues as well as it never allows users to set 3rd party keyboards as their default keyboards by simply by passing iOS system keyboard.

This way Apple keep its room for improvement in near future and solely focusing on the user experiences and convenience.

Thus, it allows iOS application development community to focusing more on the performances rather than technologies.

Notification Feature

Android has introduced notification pops up earlier in Android 4.1, such a way that Android developers can add up to two notification action buttons so you can deal with the notification right from the notification drawer.

Recently, iOS 8 has the same features, but with an updated functionality. On Apple devices, you can directly reply the incoming message by typing and without even opening any relevant app while in case of Android notification you need to have the relevant app opened for any instant replay.

Thus, iOS app development team has greater chances to bring social media and other chatting apps on the table with innovative functionality.

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Written by Mehul Rajput
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