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Real Estate App Development: Must Have Features and Cost Estimation

Are you searching for proper accommodation, which you can refer as your sweet home? Do you still go by the traditional methods such as consulting a house or property broker for buying a home? Well, these are the old school ways that existed a decade ago.

Today we are traveling in the age of digital transformation where everything has gone mobile. People may also navigate through a website but with the emergence of real estate mobile apps, finding a sweet home is no more a headache for the real estate investors and buyers.

If we have a glance at the statistics it would 20% of the users are using mobile apps to conduct the real estate searches be confirmed that nearly. Well, this number is surely going to ascend as the numbers of mobile devices are soaring up.

However, you would be delighted to note the fact that 90% of the people have already rooted for internet for searching their homes. Talking about the market share of the leading online real estate providers in USA, Zillow is ranking first with 36 million monthly visitors.

Similarly, according to Statista, the transaction volume in the real estate sector in US has reached about $467 billion in 2017.

All these stats and figures are clearly indicating that the wind has changed its direction. With real estate apps offering a plethora of benefits, you can also streamline your property business. There is no doubt in the fact that mobile apps are one of the easiest platforms through which you can reach global customers and increase your brand awareness.

The Major Advantages of Having a Real Estate App

Reaching out Large Targeted Audiences

The real estate apps offer a wonderful opportunity to reach out your targeted audiences in the easiest possible way.

More Relevant Listings with MLS

The real estate apps will offer listings are more relevant to the users with the help of MLS (Multiple Listing Services). The customers will be able to find homes more extensively listed by a number of sellers.

One Platform for Buyers and Sellers

The real estate apps are actually one-stop shop where both the buyers as well as the sellers can come under one roof to strike the best deal.

The Geo-location Facility for Users

The apps offer the geo-location services to the users so that they can easily trace the location of the building or the residential complex if they want to view the house.

Best Viewing Experience Online

With apps, the buyers can get the best viewing experience of the home they are looking for. You can add multiple clear images and videos so that it becomes easier for the user to make a final decision on whether to buy the home or not.

Optimal Discounts and Offers

Having a real estate app in your mobile device will give you the leverage to get access to the best offers and discounts. Moreover, you can choose an ideal home according to your budget estimate.

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Important Features That Must Include in Your Real Estate App

The real estate app has become distinctively popular all because of the features and functionalities it offers to its wide-ranging customers. Let’s shed some light on the vital features that should be integrated while developing the on-demand app.

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User/Broker Panel Features

1. Register and Login

As expected while using the on-demand apps, you have to first register or create a login using an email and phone number. You can also make use of social media platforms such as Facebook or Google+.

2. The User Profile

Once you have registered, your profile will be verified using a security code and then you add further details such as the name, address, age etc. The app may ask you whether you are registering as a seller or a buyer.

3. Search Properties in 3D Model

Want to attract the customers on an instant mode? Well, this is the top feature to implement, which allows them to view the entire property in a 3 dimensional structure. This makes the search job easier and interesting.

4. Filter Search and Add Favorites

You can filter the various options to search specifically according to your needs. Later on you can add a few selected properties into the favorite list to choose the best.

5. List View and Map View as Options

The users usually have a couple of choices between the list view and map view while they are looking for a perfect property.

6. Detailed Info about the Property

Mere adding images or the videos will not convince the customers unless you add some details about the property. You have to provide info about the total area of the property, number of rooms, etc.

7. Listing your Property for Sale or Rent

You can list the property when you want to sell or rent it out on a particular price.

8. Adding Maps and Geo-location

Maps are an integral feature of the real estate app. This helps the user to find the exact location of the property. The geo-location facility will also assist the users to look for properties in a particular location or area. This is a beneficial feature for sellers as well.

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9. Information about the Brokers

The customers now can easily get in touch with a desired broker to strike the deal further. You can access all contact details in the app.

10. Offering the Loan Facility

It would be an added advantage if you are offering the loan services as well to the property buyers from your app.

11. Currency Converter

This useful feature allows the users to view the actual price of the property in their respective currency. Moreover, if they want to view it in another currency, they can use this feature.

Admin Panel Features

property management

1. Managing the Users

The admin of the app needs to manage the users that include both the buyers and the sellers as well as the brokers.

2. Managing the Property Details

The admin also needs to manage the property details added in the app and approve or disapprove of adding a property. He can add or remove any property from the list.

3. Managing the Revenue

The revenue earned through property deals, subscriptions and commissions also need to be managed by the admin.

4. Adding Discounts and Offers

The admin is the sole decider on when to offer the discounts, rewards and provide loyalty coupons.

5. Adding and Removing the Subscriptions

The admin also has the right to add or remove the package subscriptions from the lists.

The Additional Features

1. Social Media Platforms

Adding the social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter has become important if you want to target large base of the audience.

2. Advanced Search

You can provide the option of the advanced search allowing the users to go for a more thorough search when looking for a property.

3. Push Notifications

Well, this is another vital feature to add in your asset. Push notifications lets you send the messages to the targeted audience.

4. Loan Calculator

It will be good if you are offering a loan calculator wherein the users can calculate their monthly installments and loan EMIs using the app.

The App Designing

Basically, by app designing we mean focusing on the User Interface and User Experience. Try to simplify the app designing as far as possible and do not complicate with the features or functionality.

Ensure that every content and function is clearly visible so that the user can easily search the best property according to his needs.

The Cost of Developing Real Estate App

We know the estimated cost of any mobile application primarily depends on a number of factors such as choice of the platform, the implementation of the features and functionalities, the app designing, testing, selection of the pricing model and App Development Company.

However, it is difficult to estimate the exact cost of developing any mobile app. An approx range would be around $20 to $23k.

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The real estate market is booming at a face pace and with the real estate apps, this is further intensifying the process. People no more have to move out to for availing the information as these apps provide them all at one place.

So, whether it is searching an ideal home for living or renting out, or contacting the broker, you are sure to get the best-in-class services.

If you are looking for best real estate app development company to develop a mobile app for your real estate business, then get in touch with our expert developers to streamline your business prospects.

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