“Silent & Quick update” for Android Center – Download latest version of Facebook without Google Play

Facebook is examining a new way for Android users to get app updates without going through the Google Play Store.

Many Android users are getting “silent updates” which basically download in the background while user is connecting to the internet. Instead of getting the popup about new version from the Google play center, the Facebook app downloads its update directly and prompt user to install it. Many user reports that they are getting the prompt persistently as inform of beep or buzz when the apps get installed.

Facebook on the other side reports updates are usually way to “make sure to users of getting the best version related to the app”.

Liliputing first revealed that the new edition of Facebook for Android included a new authorization to “download information without alert,” which would provide it with a way to avoid Google Play and provides user a way to set up up-dates directly from Facebook. However, many users originally concerned that the different message from Facebook was actually malware and raised questions in Facebook’s Help Middle and Android board discussion. The online community verified that the upgrade is genuine and added a new area to its Help Middle to explain.

So what does the new edition of Facebook for Android do?

Facebook reports that it let the user to change profile picture through mobile device but also allows user to hide story and report spam as well as group message very quickly.

But there is one other factor the new app does: It allows itself to obtain upcoming updates without notifying alert.

This successfully allows the Facebook app for Android instantly obtain updates to your system without going through the Google play (although you will likely continue to be prompted to install them … and hassled until you do).

It’s not obvious exactly why Facebook is getting this phase. But once you are persuaded to obtain the new edition of the mobile app the only solutions appear to be to put up with frustrating announcements or eliminate the Facebook app from your Android Device.

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