Test your iPhone application in development phase – How to make your device a testing device? – Part 1

IOS application development is a great fun and output of the IOS coding always gives a great satisfaction. Apple has done a fabulous job by providing a great environment and tools to develop an iPhone project. However, they have made sure that you would need a MAC, iPhone/ iPad and a good level of expertise to test your application on your phone before you submit in apple.

Following steps would help you to understand the basic process to test the application in real device and make your iPhone or iPad as a perfect testing device.

a) Get your iPhone Developer Program Account

You will need to get your developer account, signed up an IOS developer. Please follow https://developer.apple.com/programs/register/ to get your account. You will need to pay $99/ year as per current price of apple program.

b) Set up the development environment

Setup the project on your MAC, open the xcode and make sure to create a bug free project which is running fine in simulator. Also get the UDID of your device and copy/ paste it somewhere. If you don’t know how to get UDID, please follow my other blog post to get UDID of your device.

Now comes the complex part J

c) Generate your Certificate Signing Request from Keychain Access.

Open “Keychain Access” application, located in “Applications/Utilities” folder. Then generate “Certificate Signing Request” for each device that you would like to use for testing purpose.

i) In Keychain access, open Certificate Assistance menu and then “Request a Certificate” from a certificate authority.

ii) Enter your email address in Certificate Assistant window with “Saved to Disk” and “Let me specify key pair information” Option. Click Continue then.

iii) In next step, chose “2048 bits” and “RSA” before pressing continue.

iv) Save a file on desktop with default name suggested as per following image.

Install that file on your MAC.

Now, we will need to shift the focus on our developer account.
Open https://developer.apple.com/ and click iOS Dev Center to enter your login credentials. Click “iOS Provisioning Portal” to continue.

The remaining steps would be covered in our next post.

Mehul Rajput

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