What To Expect From The iPhone 6s And Apple Tv At The Upcoming Apple Event On 9 September


Apple, an American multinational technology company has held a September event for the last 5 years for the purpose of announcing its latest iPhones and many other new products. The company doing the same thing this year too, as it has a great event set for 9 September, 2015 in San Francisco, and we are expecting the company will not only unveil the iPhone 6S & iPhones 6S Plus and Apple TV, but also many more other products.

What Might Apple Revealed During The Event?

Apple TV

It’s been more than 3 years since the last Apple TV was updated, and we have been hearing rumors about a new Apple TV for some time. Now, we can finally expect to see the Apple TV unveiled in this upcoming event.

What Can We Expect From A New Apple TV?

  • Designs & Ports

It is said that the new box is to look very similar to the look of the current device, but will be noticeably thicker, possibly in the interest of accommodating extra 802.11ac wireless components. In addition, the ports on the rear of the Apple TV, ranging from power to micro-USB as well as optical audio to Ethernet will stay on.

  • A8 Chip + No 4K streaming

According to sources “The new Apple TV device will be powered by an A8 processor, which is a big upgrade from the single-core A5 chip in the existing one”.

  • Universal Search & Support

It is also expected that the Apple TV include universal search and support for Siri. So, just speak the name of a actor or a movie, Siri will show all the related results dragged from all your apps.

  • Remote Control

Another great features of the Apple TV will be a revamped remote control, and this remote will have plenty of unique features, including A built-in microphone for Siri voice input, Larger buttons to activate Siri and go to the Apple TV’s home screen and Replaceable batteries without the need to charge the controller, according to sources.

Other great features include the A8 processor and either 8GB or 16GB of storage. Also, the new Apple TV will be starting at $149, according to sources.

iPhone 6S And iPhone Plus

The one thing that is sure about Apple’s September event is that the entire world will finally see the much-rumored iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. However, these two phones should hold up the alike design that the iPhone already has, although with a few minor pinched.

What’s So Special About The iPhone 6s And iPhone 6s Plus?

  • Force Touch Screen

Force Touch, the greatest new feature of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus is expected to be pressured sensitivity, and this feature was first introduced earlier this year on the Apple Watch. Force Touch is enabling the display of the watch to detect when pressure is being applied to it, and Force Touch will possibly work in the same way on the iPhone as well. So, when you press down on the screen of the device, it’ll be able to find where you’re pressing and how hard.

  • NFC + Cellular Chips

Both iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will feature new NFC chips that possibly add a secure element processor, so the need for a separate chip is reduced.

  • New Color

How will you let your friends, colleagues or anyone else you know that you have the latest iPhone rather than an iPhone 6? Don’t know, there is one way to do this. Apple is said to start providing the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus in rose gold color, which is matching the Apple Watch color.

  • Camera

One of the most interesting changes may be about the camera. According to many trusted report, the two new iPhones are expected to have a 12-mega-pixel rear camera, instead of an 8-mega-pixel camera like the last four models. Besides, it’s expected to be able to shoot 4K video as well.

What More To Expect From The Upcoming Apple Event On 9 September?

iPad Pro

A new 12.9in iPad is among the feverishly anticipated announcements by Apple. Also, the company is working on a bigger iPad that might appear at this event. It is expected that the iPad Pro is to include a 12.9-inch display, a Force Touch-enabled stylus, an A9 processor, 2GB of RAM and maybe USB 3.0 ports that will support peripheral devices with a wireless system such as NFC. Also, the device will run iOS 9.1, an update to iOS 9.

Besides, Apple plans to introduce the iPad mini 4, an important update that brings the 7.9-inch tablet in line with the current iPad Air 2. Moreover, it looks the 9.7-inch iPad Air 2 perhaps not be updated in 2015, with Apple rather focuses its attention on the iPad Pro, the iPad mini 4 and pushing its iPad Air 2 update back to 2016.

iOS 9

Apple company updates its mobile operating system every year. According to 9to5Mac reports, “Some changes are expected in how Siri and Notification Center are bestowed”. Multitasking is one great feature that we’re sure to see is this event.

Some reports have claimed that the entire world will get an iPad Mini 4 because of it got an upgrade, but nothing has been official. So, we all have to wait until we know for sure.

Written by Mehul Rajput

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