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Threads is a text-based social media app from Instagram, working on the vision to allow users to share their thoughts with their connections and participate in public discussions.

Why is Threads so popular?

Threads is giving the strongest competition to the social media controversial giant Twitter with many appealing features.


Social Login

Easy Threads account creation with social (Instagram) login, so no need to mention all your details and go through the traditional account creation process.

Social Connection Diversion

Allow users to link their other social media accounts and contact list to bring their social network to Threads.

More Compose Coverage

Threads - an Instagram app allows users to share your thoughts in 500 characters with text, pictures (up to 10), videos of 5 minutes, links, and more.

Threads within Threads

Post thoughts and start a single conversation within Threads, so whoever adds their comments on it, anyone can see the entire conversation attached in one Thread.

Enhanced Privacy

Threads provides you total privacy control over who can mention their threads and hide default and custom offensive words and phrases.

Threads broke the record in the social media space by getting 30 million account sign-ups in just 16 hours of its launch - so can your social media app!

Why Should You Consider Developing An App Like Threads?

Get access to the large and dedicated user base

More user screen time

Potential acquisition or partnership opportunities

Create many revenue streams

Potential for business expansion






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