How McDonald's Increased Sales Through Its Mobile App?

Founded in 1940, McDonald’s has been earning the loyalty of customers as a leader in the fast food chain, especially for American-style Burgers, with 38,000+ outlets globally.

To preserve its top position in digital evolution, McDonald's launched its app - McDelivery, in 2014 in India and in 2015 in the US, facilitating foodies to order burgers at their fingertips.

McDonald's won consumers with its rewards program and with many exciting features, like finding a nearby McDonald’s branch, the product menu, hot deals, favorites, news, etc.

Used colors, design themes, and typography that make users think about Burgers and icons that are clear to understand, offering a soothing feel to users.

Business presence in 50+ markets with 40+ million app downloads across the US! In the 2022 Q4 financial survey, its digital sales topped $7 billion in its top-6 markets with 35%+ systemwide sales, and global sales increased by over 12% with 2X growth.

Amazing, compelling app UI/UX design Unique in-app purchase reward strategies Free food item rewards & much more Highly personalized customer experience

Key Takeaways

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