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According to the 2022 Developer Survey results from Stack Overflow, Node.js remains the leading web framework for Web app development, holding a dominant market share of  46.31%.

Node.js is the second most popular GitHub project with 70,000+ stars. It has also crossed the demand for PHP developers, which was once considered the most sought-after web technology.

Hackernoon's report highlights how Node.js effectively helped prominent organizations like Netflix, Paypal, and Linkedin to notably reduce the app loading time by up to 60%.

An astonishing 70% reduction in startup time has been achieved for the Netflix interface. Previously taking 5-10 seconds to load, it now loads in just a little over 1 second.

Node.js played a vital role in enhancing NASA's database access time. Users can now access NASA's database and fetch information in the blink of an eye with a 300% improvement in speed.

PayPal - the preferred online payment app for 87.5% of online buyers, fixed its loading time and payment processing bugs with the help of Node.js, which was reduced during Java to JS code transition.

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