Would Apple Lost the Status of Innovator with iPhone 6


On August 9, 2014, Apple has unveiled the latest version of iPhone series, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, as a big brother of former. We know when Apple releases anything new, it becomes a Royal Baby show of US and all folks of people of America take interests.

Unfortunately, this time the buzz in the market was not sound as were before in past years. There are many reasons behind these somewhat cool responses from the tech as well as non-tech audience. Some eminent tech experts have expressed disappointment on the performance of Apple and its strategies.

Moreover, one Tweet on the comparison between two years old Nexus 4 with iPhone 6, has heated the social media and exhibited a flop show of Apple as an innovation leader in tech industries. It is true that majority of features and functionality in iPhone 6 is resembling with the Nexus 4 at first glance and no trace of any innovative announcement at Apple side. Let’s see the comparison of iPhone 6 with its major rivals in the market.

Compare the iPhone 6 with others
If we compare iPhone 6 with other eminent rivals in the same niche like Amazon’s Fire Phone, Samsung’s Galaxy S5, Motorola Mot X (2nd gen.), and HTC One (M8); we will find many things obvious that indicate its vanished supremacy status. If we say in more bold words, now Apple is not an innovator, but just a follower in the present market.

For instance, if we look at the camera features, all the above given rivals are ahead and offering nearly 1X1/2 or twice capacities in terms of mega pixels and video recording capabilities. The same story is running for battery and processors.

Swift and iOS 8 are Savior
Among the all poor performances, there are some distinguished features and functionality that can save its face and keep its loyalists base intact. Its recent efforts to make programming easy by introducing Swift language replacing age-old Objective C. perhaps, this step will bring more quality app with low development cost in the iTunes store.

Another factor is outstanding and innovative features and functionality in iOS 8, which enable it to win the user experiences and advance technologies battle in the market. Of course, on the web you find many to say that Apple has lost its common sense by enlarging the size of iPhone, as Steve Job has once denied this large form factor for the iPhone by saying that people wouldn’t like oversize phone in their pockets and hands, which are difficult to keep and hold. According to Steve, larger forms are user experience hinders.

Therefore, now we have immediate question that why Apple has changed its strategies and seat in the row of other rivals. In fact, smartphone market is heading towards larger forms since last two years and giving the fight to the rivals of Apple is essential. Another technical factor is that majority of businesses are now using high-end mobile applications such as GPS services with decent maps, iBeacon, Geo-fencing like intricate functionality, supporting apps for wearable devices including health and fitness apps, and many others. Hence, mobile application developers prefer more real-estate on the screens of iPhone.

Thus, the end-user of the iPhone now needs bigger screens to watch presentations and data displaying on the screen. Hence, the demand and user experience preferences forcing Apple to go for larger screens.

The second thing is Apple Play feature in the list of game changer offerings of iPhone 6. Touch ID has made payment secure and free from worries to carry bulk of credit/debit cards in your wallet. Apple has integrated an NFC chip that sends transactions wirelessly.

Mehul Rajput

Mehul Rajput

Mehul Rajput is a CEO and Co-founder of MindInventory, a leading web and mobile app development company specialized in android and iOS app development. Delivering best solutions to its local and global clients it leads to better business all around.
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