The Biggest Announcements Made by Apple at WWDC 2020


On June 22, 2020, Apple commenced its yearly WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) 2020. Generally, every year, this conference occurs in March. This year, it got delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic and was hosted online.

This big gala event offers developers a scope to share their knowledge, stories, and contacts with one another in person. But like other events, this year it was moved online. The online stream revealed new products, gives a demonstration, etc., presented by different departmental heads of Apple.

The Biggest Announcements Made by Apple at WWDC 2020

Didn’t get time for watching the entire stream live? Here we have compiled all the biggest announcements made by Apple at WWDC 2020:

1. macOS Big Sur

macOS Big Sur

The next development of macOS will be named ‘Big Sur’. It will incorporate some changes that will make it appear and feel a little more like iOS.

  • Notification Center – The Notification Center brought widgets or notifications into a unified view. It has been cleaned up and you can clear out many notifications easily at once.
  • Control Center – Getting the concept from iOS, now macOS will have a dropdown menu in the screen’s upper right area that gives one-click access to showcase Wi-Fi controls, dark mode, volume, brightness, and more.
  • Safari – Now Safari can check your saved passwords to search for those that might have been disclosed in breaches. Simultaneously, a Privacy Report button imparts what is known regarding what info is being recorded by the website you are presently on.
  • New Maps – On macOS, maps have been designed again with assistance for things like favorite locations, guides, indoor maps, etc.
  • Updated Extensions – The long out-of-date extension system of Safari will get an update, which focuses on restricting or conveying what data extension developers can avail. In case an extension asks for the capacity of doing something like avail browsing history, it can be considered for a short period, just on a particular website, or across every website.
  • Mac Catalyst – Mac Catalyst that arrived with macOS Catalina in 2019 has made it simple for developers to bring all iPad applications to the Mac. Mac Catalyst applications inherit the new appearance automatically in macOS Big Sur while providing developers new strong APIs and complete control over the behavior and look of their apps.

2. iOS 14

iOS 14

iOS 14, the next version of iOS has rolled out in preview mode to developers from 22 June, with a public beta anticipated sometime in July.

  • Widgets – iOS 14 brings some widgets that can be seen on the home screen also. You can personalize them by clicking on the Widget Gallery option. Click on the Smart Stack option for checking relevant apps depending on the time of the day.
  • App Library – With App Library, users will be able to categorize their apps that are distributed on various pages of the home screen. You can select how many pages you need to check on the home screen and then can categorize rest apps as Suggestions, Recently Added, and other folders. Also, you can seek these applications through the provided search option where you can see every app enlisted alphabetically.
  • iMessage – Now users can pin their messages for avoiding getting lost in the chats. You can reply to a specific message and mention others while conversing in a group. Options to select various ages and new Memojis with face masks, various hairstyles, skin tones, and gestures like blush, fist bump, and hugs are also launched in iOS 14.
  • Translate App – This will help Siri translate what you say into eleven languages incorporating Italian, Spanish, Japanese, English, and more. You can make offline translation also. According to Apple, Siri knows 20 times more facts than before. Now you can ask Siri for sending an audio clip also.
  • Apple CarPlay – Apple CarPlay will help you change the wallpaper on the in-car gadget. Using this, you can just click your iPhone and unlock the vehicle. You can simply put the device on the charging pad and turn the start button of the car on. Users can share their key through iMessage. Apple has declared that the 2021 BMW 5 Series will be the foremost car for supporting CarPlay.
  • Apple Maps – A new feature named Guide added by Apple will help users find amazing places around them by displaying the most recent suggestions by other users. Cycling directions will be added to the Apple Maps to help users see advancement data, traffic in the roads, paths, and bike lanes, and stairs.
  • App Store – Apple has declared App Clip that is like downloading only one part of the application, instantly when you require it. Through Apple Pay and Apple Login, your initial login and credit card details are filled. The size of this app won’t be more than 10MB.

3. Apple WatchOS 7

The new WatchOS 7 is coming with smaller updates. Top highlights of WatchOS 7 include new watch faces, handwash detection, sleep tracking and many more.

  • Wind Down – This feature will help users personalize the app shortcuts for scheduling Apple Music playlist, snoozing notification, switching on Meditation app, and more.
  • Face Sharing – With WatchOS 7, you can share your present watch face setup with others via Safari, Mail, or Messages. In case the person on the getting end doesn’t have a needed complication or app, they will be displayed where to get it.
  • Handwashing Detection – The Apple Watch can find when you are washing your hands, with the accelerometer to seek the appropriate motions and the microphone for listening to the scrubbing sounds. When it identifies you are scrubbing your hands, it can begin a countdown timer automatically to make sure you have done the complete 20 seconds.
  • Sleep Tracking – Now Apple Watch can find when you are sleeping, record this data, and help you track your sleep routine over time.
  • Workouts – Alongside new workout supports, WatchOS 7 will help you track your activity when you practice Hip Hop, Bollywood, or Latin dance.

4. iPadOS 14

iPadOS 14

While iPadOS will receive maximum features above along with iOS 14, it will also get some new tricks of its own.

  • Universal Search – Apple has revealed this feature to its iPadOS 14. It will help users look for documents, contacts, or even search inside an application that assists this feature.
  • Redesigned UI – Apple has redesigned the new iPadOS’ UI such as Photos and Music app has now a new sidebar for seamless access. The same simple access UI changes have been also made to applications like mail, iMessage, and calendar.
  • Apple Pencil – Apple Pencil has brought some new features like better handwriting identification, smart recommendations, enables you to choose the handwritten text for changing color, and so forth. Apple Pencil will help users choose and paste handwritten text in other apps and it will be converted to typed-text automatically.
  • Call Notifications – iPadOS 14 has brought Android-like compact call notifications. The notifications will pop up on the screen’s top without hindering your continuous task.

5. AirPods

  • Spatial Audio – The feature utilizes motion data for identifying your device and head’s movement and continuously synchronizes the audio with the visual. It will just come to AirPods Pro Earbuds.
  • Automatic Device Switching – Now AirPods can switch between multiple devices automatically. If you play a video on your iPad, you can hear that audio from the AirPods. If you get a call on your iPhone, AirPods can automatically shift accordingly.

6. Apple HomeKit

  • Face Identification – Now HomeKit-enabled doorbell cameras can identify known faces and help you know who is at the door through AppleTV or HomePod notifications.
  • Adjusted Lighting – HomeKit can modify the temperature or brightness of your connected smart bulbs automatically all over the day, enabling things like warmer temperatures at the time of winding down and cooler lights amid work hours.
  • Activity Zones – In case you have set up a security camera via HomeKit, you can restrict alerts to only particular segments of the video stream – motion alerts just when something comes to your yard.

7. Privacy Changes

  • Camera or Microphone Indicator – Although maybe not as good as a dedicated hardware light, now iOS will display an on-screen indicator when an app will access your camera or microphone.
  • Approx Location – Now you can consider app access to your approx location, instead of the exact place.
  • Easy Privacy Policy – App creators now need to give an easy highlight of what user info they share or track with third parties. Now, these summaries will appear before download in the macOS or iOS App Stores.

8. Apple tvOS 14

  • Picture-in-Picture Formation – In tvOS 14, every video application can show up in a Picture-in-Picture structure on Apple TV. In short, you can watch more things on your TV without switching applications. For instance, you can keep your tabs on the news during exercising.
  • Multi-user capacities – In case you have ever wished to switch profiles easily so somebody else can play the Apple Arcade title without erasing your advancement, you can easily do that with the latest overhaul. Apple brings assistance for the Xbox Adaptive Controller and the Xbox Elite 2 wireless controller. Players can simply switch between users, Game Center accomplishments, their game advancement, friends, and leaderboards, through Control Center.

9. Apple Silicon

As predicted, Apple will be switching away from Intel to ARM-based processors after a 15-year relationship. It will be done under Apple’s supervision for upcoming Mac hardware. This will enable the organization to optimize macOS better and its Mac app encounters furtherance.

With Apple Silicon, the first Macs are scheduled to come before the end of 2020. However, the organization anticipates that a total shift to its chips will take nearly 2 years. Apple also guaranteed consumers that while developing apps and developer tools for this all-new hardware, it will support constantly Intel-based Macs and associated software in the future.

Microsoft and Adobe are said to have already working redundancy of apps like Photoshop and entries in the Office Suite, operating on the new Apple Silicon.

Although developers will require updating their apps for running on the new chipsets natively, as per Apple, maximum developers must be capable of getting things like running in only a few days; simultaneously, Rosetta 2 in macOS Big Sure will translate current apps transparently or automatically for compatibility.

Written by Pratik Patel

Pratik Patel is Sr. iPhone Developer at MindInventory, his personality and key interest falls in imaginative and strategic thinkers. He is managing projects from start to end, dealing with the project requirement and planning the resources. He is a master freak about Apple products.