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COPOMAP is an outstanding mobile app that you aid in curbing your instincts to spend more, thereby helping to save more money. Thus, if have a knack for saving money, you would just simply fall in love with this app.

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What is Copomap?

Copomap is the unique and top platform that allows you to save more on a variety of products while you are purchasing something or eating at a restaurant.

With Copomap installed in your Smartphone, you don’t have to pay the full price of the item you are looking for. The app is well equipped with mind-blowing features that focus on offering the optimal deals and discount coupons that customers usually crave for. You can view what’s the best offer prevailing in your city and save a lot of extra bucks on your hard earned salary. In fact, the users get to select the offers and deal within a range of 20+ various categories including shopping, travelling, eating, fitness, music and much more. You can see all coupons directly on your phone screen and show them up to the concerned person.

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COPOMAP - Coupons and Deals App comes with following features

100% free coupons - No need to pay upfront. Just download and redeem the free coupon in merchant outlet.

Tons of options to choose - Copomap offers more than 20+ categories to choose from, which enhances the shopping experience.

Map view - Just take a ride round your city to see what’s the hot deals on the offer cards.

Searchandise - Make your search faster coupled with finding best locations, brands and coupons.

The Best Exclusive offers - Customizable coupons and offers tailor-made to suit your requirements.

Set it and forget it - Just set your favourite category and get notified if a optimal deal is sticking within your close proximity.

Turning on the Campaign - Gear up to explore more on the e-commerce sites.

Yellow page style - Get more closer to your preferred categories and brands.

Shortlist Coupons - Just like adding products to cart, you can like your favourite coupons to download later.

Go Paperless - No need to take printout of the copy as everything is accessible digitally.

Get the best discount and offers from leading Brands coupons and deals app

Food/restaurants coupons and deals

Shopping deals

Travel coupons

Fitness coupons

Clothing deals

and many more..


Copomap is a time saver and a must have app if you are looking to save money. Download Copomap App now, get the best discount coupons and start saving on everything you're looking for.

You can visit our official website at and send us your feedback, suggestions on

Home page HP - Copomap will help you to control your spending habits more effectively and let your salary breathe!!

Category page: C - Load of choices - Discover best deals with over 20 Categories.

Coupon of the week: COW- Incredible Exclusive Offers - Featured coupons tailored Special for You

Brand Page: BPT- Engage more effectively with your favorite Brand

Coupon details: CD - 100% Free Coupons - No upfront payment download & redeem your free code in merchant outlet"

App Modules


For Users

Users can use the app to download free coupons, App will notify users for the near by location deals. users can always search coupons through different locatrion and see all the promotions running by the merchants.

For Merchants

Merchants can upload the coupons with different criterias, Additionally they can create sub merchant based on different branches and can have separate panels for each branch. Each branch merchant can add or update coupons for their branch.


App Features


Explore coupons

Copomap will help you to control your spending habbits more effectively and help your salry breath.


Find the Choices

Discover best deals over 20 categories

exclusive deals

Exclusive Deals

Featured coupons tailored special for you

knowevery detail

Know every details of the brand

Engage more effectively with your brand

free coupons

Free Coupons

100% free coupons downloads and redeem your coupons at merchant store.

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Core Data

Realm (SQLite)


Push Notification



Backend Development Stack




Core php



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Let Your Salary Breathe !

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Mindinventory team was outstanding who work on my project, all the experience was perfect. They find lots of mistakes in my project and make it more professional & user friendly. If I will have another project in the future, I will definitely go with Mindinventory.

- Mohamad Meselmani, Product Owner