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Zoroko is an iOS app offering a secured cloud-based platform and private networking to the users allowing them to share and exchange their contacts confidentially and on personal note. We aim to provide a forum wherein individuals can look to share the digital contacts and business cards in a secured environment. The digital contact/business card is usually the reflection of your business and your own entity.

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Initially, you receive an email from Zoroko, which means you are about to get something exclusive!


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We firmly believe that each person has got a distinct identity and it’s time to showcase that uniqueness to all contacts available in your phone. When people navigate your number their contact list, they should be familiar with this individuality that you don’t belong to the ordinary category. One of the exciting features introduced is that your contact details such as phone number, emailed, and address would always remain fresh in any of your contacts. Likewise, you also will not a have a stale contact in your phone list.

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Well, gone are the days when people kept a wrong contact number, an idle looking email, or very old address in their phonebook. With the world going digital, nobody likes to have outdated information and thus, we at Zoroko are trying are level best to add more services to serve you better. We are ushering the trust factor and so presenting an exclusive platform that lets you share the contacts securely and receive the vital data from family, friends, and business partners. Every contact will view a distinctive you; the way you want to get projected.

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