World Fitness Level

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body statistics

Calculate Vo2Max by entering your current body statistics.


Get expected Vo2Max according to your age and see your current Vo2Max.


Get Report which compares your current fitness level to expected fitness level and get further advice according reserch of CERG.


Track your timely reports and compare them.

heart rate

Calculate your Maximum Heart Rate from statistics provided by user.


It is multilingual app, can be used in English, Norwegian and German.

Fitness & Cardiac Health Application

Physical fitness is key to a long life and goodhealth. Your body's capacity to transport and use oxygen during exercise (VO2max) is the most precise measure of over all cardiovascular fitness. Based on the extensive research of the Cardiac Exercise Research Groups at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, you can now easily estimate your fitness level by answering a few simple questions.

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