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Real-product shopping list management program withproduct references users and shopkeepers,quick productsearch through bar code reading or voice command,it alsoallows the sharing of lists created between users and socialmedia,suggestion of ready-made lists of models according to diet and dietary restrictions,prices targeting the nareast establishments.

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Real Product List

The list is created with actual products. In this way. the list will be created with preferred brand products by users.

Price List Updated by User and Retailers

Prices updated and provided by users and shopkeepers. In this way, the user has a reference price lists to build their lists for better financial management and tenants can advertise promotions and their under special conditions.

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Ready Lists

You can count on List Templates (Ready Lists) that can serve as reference for creation of their own lists. Are lists based on various eating habits and restrictions (Eg: Barbecue, Basic Basket, Light, Diet, HORTIFRUTI for vegans,vegetarians, among others list templates)

Lists Can Be Shared Between Users

Users can share their lists with each other. In this way, a user can send and receive lists of other users, as well as share them via email, WhatsApp among other options for your friends or even as a way of ordering

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List Price Preview By Supermarket

Users can view the prices contained in their listings according to the supermarket in their neighborhood. In this way, the user can decide before leaving home, which store will make their purchases, according to the brands and prices contained in your list.

Promotions and Promotions Notifications

When allowed by the user the offers and promotions are notified according to the products that user lists, that is, only what interests the user in a practical and discreet

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