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Track your high, on the fly.

Ungrind aims to provide users with unparalleled access to cannabis products across the state of Colorado.

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App Overview

Marijuana customers residing around the Colorado region in USA can establish a good link amidst themselves along with the store owners using the handy iOS application Ungrind. This app is also quite supportive when it comes to picking a product at a reasonable price or finding a striking strain that users have been trying for quite some time. You can donate the item to the community after its usage and share your views about the strain through a review. Ungrind will find out the strains you prefer most and those which you have smoked.

The app also offers a localized segment where you can get across the recent prevailing trends and search for new products. You can have a more bespoken profile indicating your recent current activities related to review writing, photo uploading and earning the rewards for strain review.

App Features



Have an access to local counters and get new friend recommendations to explore the latest and up-to-date existing strains. You can have a look at the top notch strains in your area.



You can record the strains that you have preserved and the ones that top your priority list. You cannot eliminate the strains out of your memory, the once you enjoyed most.



You can rate the strains the smoked strains so as to share your views or experience with the other users. You can advocate for the best strains becoming a community member.

App Screenshots


Search top rated stores and deals in your area at the touch of a botton.


Ungrind provides dispensary profile that allow users to folllow, rate and view a store’s product and information


Product pages displays users ratings. photos and reviews of a product. The pages also provide nearby locations where the products can be purchases


User can use map to search
and find all the local dispensaries.


Earn rewards by recording straing
Build your profile
Keep track of all you’ve smoked


Inform others of the best strains
Rate the strains you lick the most
Connect with the community

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Track your high, on the fly.

Ungrind connects marijuana users with not only one another but with store owners around the state of Colorado.