Pangea - MI Story

There are a lot of apps offering Hotel check-in but overall they all lack some important features that is a MUST to have nowadays where technology has enhanced a lot. That is why Pangea chose Mindinventory to build such a system that offers everything to manage their Pangea Pod hotel guest check-in system.

Pangea believed in our vision and chose us from the top 10 IT companies in list where they sent enquiry. Our client Russell Klling through his CTO Rod Ferriss came to us with the idea of Pangea check-in system that will change the way you check-in traditionally in any Hotel. The client already knew what needed to be done, what features had to be implemented, and had a design idea for the app. But they were inspired by our portfolio, and chose Mindinventory to develop their app according to their requirements.

What is Pangea System?

Pangea Pod hotel is Canada's first boutique pod hotel located in the middle of Whistler. Pangea system is a check-in system that includes a front end application for the users to check-in to the hotel and a backend web panel for the Pangea staff to manage guest folio and many other features. The Pangea Pod hotel offers cool wristbands to all guests while they stay in the hotel. This band is all you need to do almost everything at hotel while you stay. The Pangea app developed by us writes the guest data into the wristband through the visionline encoder hardware and guests use this wristband to unlock their pods, to purchase items from Panges store, to change their room, to change their credit card on file, to extend their stay at the hotel and lot more!!

date screen
number of guest

Why System like Pangea?

create key pcard

In a traditional Hotel system, many hotels still manage their guest folio using traditional google sheets, excel sheets, diary etc. Guests still have to get a physical key to lock/unlock their rooms and then suffer if they lost the key. Guests have to pay individually for what they buy at hotel and keep lots of bills copy with them.

pod type

The Pangea system offers a way for the guests and hotel staff to manage everything electronically! No papers to write the folio (We promote “save paper, save trees” with this), no sheets to manage transactions and most important no physical keys to unlock your room! You can do everything using a wristband that is in sync with the key encoder/decoder hardware.


Ah wait, you are thinking what if the wristband is lost? What difference this Pangea system would make here? Well, for that you have to go to the hotel staff and ask them to provide you another wristband and scan it again to unlock your room; that too with the backend system we developed. It’s far more better than damaging the room lock. Isn’t it?

The Biggest Challenge

The biggest challenge for Mindinventory to develop this system was to code for the hardware connectivity without having any hardware to test! And wait, there was not only one hardware to code for, there were...ummm let me count.

There was a moneris pinpad to accept card payments, a visionline encoder to scan the wristbands to read/write data, an EPSON printer to print the check-in receipts in its pre-defined format, a POS lightspeed restaurant system that communicates with our app through the Contactless RFID Reader/Writer. Ok. That’s it.

Yes. The client said they won’t be able to ship these hardwares to India for us to test the integration and yet wanted the system to be developed using these hardwares. Mindinventory accepted this challenge and agreed to work as per their time zone so that the development team would test the things with client directly; accessing the hardware through the software we developed.

check in


Here’s a list of features of Pangea check-in system

Front end mobile application


Book from anywhere

Our system is in synch with a property management system (Hoteliga) that allows the guests to book from anywhere and check-in through our app. You can book your POD from, TripAdvisor, Expedia etc and use Pangea App at the hotel to check-in.

add stuff

Add-ons while checking-in

The guests can select add-ons while they check-in through our app. All of these are easy to redeem using their wristband.

e signature

E-Signature saving

The guests can e-sign the terms and conditions through the Pangea check-in app. Signature gets saved on Google drive.


Pay using card/cash

The guests can pay their for preauthorization through the credit card or cash. We used Moneris payment service provider to accept card payments. This was a challenge as we had to work without hardware; for the hardware connection and make sure payments are processed well. Yeah, our team did the great job here!

encode wristband

Write to the wristband

Finally, the app writes all data to the wristband and rest is done by the wristband throughout your stay at the Hotel. Using the wristband, guests can add a late check-out to their profile, extend their stay, change their credit card etc. All they have to do is to scan their wristband having our app as a medium for wristbands and the RFID reader. Our app then fetches all information of guest and allows them to proceed further with each action.

Backend web application

Restricted access level

With different access levels, our single web app is allowing Pangea staff members to manage all their work. A housekeeper logs in to the system and can print a list of rooms he needs to clean everyday, he can view the list of rooms that needs towel, toiletries etc. A manager can login to the same panel and see details of guests arrived daily, see their folio, print it and send to the guest, filters a reservation through reading the wristband of guest, change guest’s room etc.


A Pangea staff member can login to access Pangea store and sell items from the web app. Items can be added to the guest folio as well as billed directly.


Guests can get their refunds through the web app.

backend web app

Our backend system is huge panel which is subject to the privacy of our client’s data that restricts us from listing everything here But if you would like to develop a similar system for your business, please contact us.

Technology Stack

Backend web application




PHP 7.1


Laravel 5.5



Image Caching






Version control


Payment service

Moneris gateway


Door lock encoder/decoder


LightSpeed restaurant service provider


Hoteliga APIs - PMS



xCode 9.3


Swift 4.2

Crash reporting

Fabric crashalytics


Core data



Image Caching


Printer SDK


Signature storage

Google drive SDK

Keyboard manager

IQKeyboard ManagerSwift

Calendar view


Feedback from the Client

Guests are very satisfied with the app Mindinventory built. They were one of the few vendors capable of meeting timelines within the set budget. Responsive and proactive in their approach, working with their team is relatively easy considering their distance.